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  • Are you facing a massive challenge that feels overwhelming?
  • Have you started an exciting new business but don’t know how you will make it a success?
  • Does it feel hard to connect deeply with people and build strong relationships?
  • Have you experienced a tragedy and would love some support in moving past it?

If any of these are true for you, then we have an exciting opportunity for you:
We are looking for someone just like you, who is willing to accept help to not only overcome a problem but to spend up to a year working with up to 8 of the world’s greatest coaches to create an amazing life or business that you probably can’t even imagine right now. (You don’t have to believe it will happen, only be open to the remote possibility.)

We are looking for 4 people to be part of an exciting new documentary called “Coaching Movie”. It is being created to show the real life impact of powerful coaching.

The 4 people who are chosen to be in the film will have the opportunity to inspire millions of people with their story and their transformation.

If you want to apply, these are the requirements:

(Read them carefully and only fill in the application if you can say yes to all of them)

  • Honesty: You must be willing to always tell the truth and hold nothing back
  • Integrity: If you say you will do something, you do it. If ever you don’t, you own up to it straight away so you regain your integrity
  • Committed: You are committed to doing whatever it takes to overcome the challenge and to giving it your all for the duration of the coaching relationship
  • Communicative: You will communicate often with your coach(es) and let him/her know if you feel that something isn’t working
  • Open to having your beliefs about yourself challenged
  • Willing to answer difficult questions
  • Experimentation: Open to doing things that you have never done before even if you doubt they will make a difference
  • Ready: To be guided and challenged by world class coaches.
  • Open to having your life filmed throughout the coaching process
  • Preferably live within 2 hours of L.A, where most of the filming will take place. Or willing to travel to LA for filming.
  • Available for filming in LA for up to 20 days in September/October 2015
  • Available to have a small film crew follow you in your daily life
  • Available to record video diary in between coaching sessions to track your honest progress
  • Minimal experience with coaching/the coaching process is preferable
  • Comfortable in front of the camera.

If you are chosen, you will receive up to a year of transformation from one or more of the world’s finest coaches. Valued at up to $300,000 worth of coaching.

There are 4 types of clients that we are looking for:

Read the profiles below and if any of them resonate with you, follow the instructions underneath.

  1. Executive: You are a CEO or Director of a company and are staring into the abyss of a massive challenge. This is the toughest thing you have faced in your business life. You feel it will take a miracle to move past it and come out the other side.
  2. Business: You have often struggled in your life but are now striking out on your own with a bold new venture. Most people around you think you are crazy and even you have no idea if you can make it happen, you just feel called to it. This is a deep passion of yours but there is a huge mountain to climb first that seems insurmountable.
  3. Relationship: You have a stream of failed relationships in your past and seem incapable of creating a strong, lasting, bond with someone you love. You desperately want to find that one person who you can spend the rest of your life with but it seems like it will never happen. Or, you are already in a relationship and you love each other, but you experience conflicts and cannot get over various challenges between you both. You are desperate to change something, because you want to avoid a break up.
  4. Life: You have experienced a serious loss or have had a huge change in your personal circumstances (e.g. had to leave your home, lost your job, recovering from accident or illness, or any major situation that seems out of your control). You are trying to move forward but feel like you are wading in mud. You are doing the best you can, but you don’t know how you are going to do it.

If any of this is familiar and you want to apply, fill in the application form below and record a video describing your situation (approx. 5-7 minutes).Please upload this video to YouTube (and make it hidden) or Vimeo (and make it password protected).
Video may be recorded with mobile phone.

Include the following information:

  • What is your challenge?
  • Why do you want help with it?
  • What would it mean to you if you could overcome it?

Include in the title of the video:

  • Coaching Movie
  • The profile that is most similar to your situation
  • Your name

For example: “Coaching Movie, Life, Joe Bloggs”

Fill in the application form:

First Name*:

Last Name*:


+(country code) xxx xxx xxxx



Date of Birth* (for verification purposes only pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 2256 et seq):

I am at least 18 years of age:*

I have read and agree to the Submission Agreement Terms:*

Have you ever had any type of therapy, coaching, or support group experience? If so, please list which ones you’ve experienced, the dates, and where if possible. Also, tell us if you feel it helped you moved forward, stayed the same or did not help at all*:

Please provide a link to your uploaded video on YouTube or Vimeo. Make the video hidden or password protected. If you need help with uploading the video, contact us*:

Please provide the password (if needed) to your uploaded video*:

Which profile is the best fit for you? (Please only choose one)
Executive Coaching clientBusiness Coaching clientRelationship Coaching clientLife Coaching client

Answer the following additional questions:

Describe your business, your position/title and what you do, and how long you have worked there.

Describe the challenge facing you and your position. Is there a deadline on resolving this challenge?

Is this your first entrepreneurial adventure? If yes, how long have you been working on this? If no, describe your previous ventures and their outcomes.

Describe your dream, vision, and goals of where you want to be with this venture.

Describe your relationship scenario now. (e.g. Are you recently separated or broken up? Are you engaged? Have you not dated for a long time?)

List how many previous relationships you’ve been in, and for how long. (Note if married, separated, divorced, or still together.)

If married or in a relationship, describe the challenges you are facing?

Describe your life-challenging situation (accident, loss, illness, etc.; when it started or happened; where it took place).

How does this affect you currently?

Who else in your life is affected by your challenge and who can benefit from a change, and why?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how strongly do you experience this challenge in daily life? (1 – Almost no challenge; 10 – Very strong challenge)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how motivated are you to overcome this challenge? (1 – I can live comfortably enough without overcoming this challenge; 10 – I must overcome this challenge at all costs)

What are you willing to do to overcome it?

What is at stake for you if you do not overcome this challenge?

What result or outcome do you hope for most through months of coaching?

Why should we choose you to be in the documentary?


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