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Coaching Benefits Testimonials Needed for Coaching Trailer

By November 10, 2014posthidden

We're looking for people to have a video testimonial recorded by our film crew about the benefits of the coaching they experienced.
Would you like to help us to reach out to your coaching clients if they would like to join the recordings?
Or maybe you'd like to give a testimonial about the benefits of coaching yourself?
Have a look at the filming dates and locations below...

Feel free to send your clients below message (adapt it if needed):

Dear NAME,

The world's first documentary about the coaching profession is looking for persons who experienced the benefits of coaching, who are willing to have a testimonial recorded on video.

The film crew will be filming the first movie trailer on the following dates and locations:
- November 14th in Netherlands (Baarn) between noon-4pm
- November 19-20th in Los Angeles between 10am-5pm on both days
- November 20th in Netherlands (Maastricht) between 4pm-8pm
- November 28th in Belgium (Brussels) between 7pm-9pm

If you are interested to record a testimonial about your coaching experience, please apply tell us more about you here: http://coachingmovie.com/testimonial

This is a first draft video that shows how professionally recorded your testimonials will look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeURgDWN8W4

APPLY HERE to Join the Testimonial Recordings:

Your Firstname *:

Your Lastname*:

Your Email*:

+(country code) xxx xxx xxxx


Where and when would you be able to attend the recordings for approximately 1 hour?
November 14th in Netherlands (Baarn) between noon-4pmNovember 19-20th in Los Angeles between 10am-5pm on both daysNovember 20th in Netherlands (Maastricht) between 4pm-8pmNovember 28th in Belgium (Brussels) between 7pm-9pm

How did your life look like BEFORE the coaching?
Describe an important challenge BEFORE you started attending coaching sessions for your challenge:

How does your life look AFTER the coaching? What has changed?
Describe how you have overcome your challenge thanks to coaching:

(Optional, but preferred)
Post here a Youtube link or a video download link where you explain the difference of your situation BEFORE and AFTER the coaching:

Final question:

I am also interested in... (check one or more boxes):