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Order the Book Created By The People Behind ‘Leap’, The World’s First Documentary About the Coaching Profession

Alongside LEAP, the world's first documentary about the coaching profession, we’ll also be releasing a book, called “Take Your Leap,” about how to start and grow a thriving coaching business.

Being a coach can give you financial freedom and the chance to make a living by changing lives. But many coaches struggle to make their dream a reality. Others are curious about entering the coaching world, but have never been taught how to take the Leap. Presenting practical, real world advice directly from 25 of the most successful personal and executive coaches in the world - including Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield, Mark Thompson, John Demartini, and many others - this book explains exactly how to become a successful coach. From business and marketing to developing confidence, forming networks and following your intuition, the reader will acquire the skills and attitudes to help them start or grow a thriving coaching business.

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Discover the Business Secrets of 6 Figure Coaches

Wealth Secrets

Just how much do world class coaches really earn, and how do they do it? Here you’ll learn everything - not just the tip of the iceberg, but the entire financial model of successful coaches that you can copy and paste for your business.

Work-Life Balance

Yes, it is possible to significantly increase your business without sacrificing time with your family. Here top coaches will reveal for the first time exactly how to dramatically reduce the hours you have to work whilst keeping your income growing.

Featuring the Cast of ‘LEAP’

You’ll be learning never before revealed business secrets directly from a handpicked team of highly successful coaches, speakers and trainers, including many stars from the movie, ‘LEAP,’ like Jack Canfield, Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Thompson, an advisor to Richard Branson.

Published By One of the Largest Publishers in the USA Who Have Sold Over 1 Million Coaching Books

‘Taking the Leap’ will be released by Hachette in the fall of 2017, at the same time as the film release of ‘Leap.’

It will be one of the key titles of one of the 4th largest publishing house in the USA.

Hachette has a proven track record in the coaching industry, having already sold over 1 million coaching books around the world, including ‘Co-Active Coaching’ and ‘Coaching for Performance.’

Every word, every paragraph, every design will be crafted to perfection by the world’s leading professionals, so every beginning or experienced coach can benefit from this book to grow their business.

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Meet the Authors

All 24 authors belong to the top names in the coaching industry and many are are part of the ‘Leap’ cast.

  • Kasia Wezowski

  • Marshall Goldsmith

  • Mark Thompson

  • Jack Canfield

  • John Demartini
    Executive Producer

  • Marc Steinberg
    Executive Producer

  • Kelvin Lim
    Executive Producer

  • Roberto Re
    Executive Producer

  • Clinton Callahan
    Executive Producer

  • Patryk Wezowski
    Creator of LEAP


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Co-Authors and Topics:

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Learn the business secrets of successful coaches, speakers and trainers

  • Coaches will learn how to dramatically increase your business by following the advice of the wealthiest coaches in the world
  • Speakers will learn how to grow your income and have a greater impact by adding coaching packages to your business
  • Trainers will learn how to take your business to the next level by positioning yourself as the number one expert in your field

You’ll be learning directly from the most successful coaches in the world.

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If you Order today, you will receive immediately the download link to a unique package of videos, so you can learn anytime and anywhere how to grow your coaching business with the 24 interviews that served as a base for writing the Leap book. Each interview is around 45 minutes and the package contains the business secrets of the 24 world-class coaches that authored the book.
In other words, you will get the Leap book in video format, as a free bonus!
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