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A one year experiment seeks to discover whether coaching can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. Confronted, challenged and frequently overwhelmed, four participants will bet everything on their bold visions on the future.

In one night of drinking, Rob lost everything. His Emmy award now sits on the shelf, a reminder of the career he once had, and the family who will no longer take his calls. Haunted by his humiliating fall from grace and the night that it all fell apart, Rob holds fast to his sobriety, but struggles to rebuild the success he once had. Frustrated and afraid, he yells at his coaches ‘every time it’s supposed to get easier it gets f@%$ing harder!’

Precious weighs 327 pounds. She has been laughed out of fashionable stores, yet believes that being curvy does not have to make you any less beautiful. Her dream is to start a lingerie company and inspire other plus sized women to love their bodies, yet the man who was the source of her own self confidence is no longer by her side.

Soon Loo is an overworked executive who manages companies across asia. He wants to step things up to the next level and grow his business to the stratosphere. His greatest fear is to come home to his parents house, look his dad in the eye, and announce that he has failed.

In his early twenties, Chad made a commitment to wait until the right person came along. He thought he would have to wait until he was twenty five, maybe thirty at most. Now, finding himself a 43 year old virgin, Chad must challenge his long held beliefs, and take the first tentative walk along the beach.

Working with an elite team of coaches and mentors, including Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield, John Grey, Chérie Carter-Scott, Mark Thompson and many more, our four participants will try and transform their lives. They’ll ask the searching questions, advise on business strategy, and walk their clients through every step of their transformation. But no one said it would be easy.

A moving story of courage and transformation which sets out to inspire one million people around the world to realize what is possible, and take their own Leap.

The Stories of the Coaching Clients in the Film:

Life Coaching

Business Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Executive Coaching

Discover How 'Leap' Experts Built Million Dollar Coaching Businesses:


The Film Makers:

Creators, Producers & Directors:

Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski are the creators of the movie “Coaching” . They are the Executive Producers of the Award Winning Documentary “Destressed”, which won two “Best Documentary” awards in 2014. Patryk and Kasia have founded also the Center for Body Language, the World's #1 Body Language Training for Business, with 50 representatives in 15 countries.


Filmmaker Mikki Willis is respected globally as pioneer of socially conscious media. His passion for uniting creatives inspired the birth of Elevate Film Festival in 2006. During its three year tour the festival earned the title of "the world's largest single screen film event," hosting movie screenings for audiences of six thousand plus. The global event served as a beacon to unite an ever-expanding community of philanthropic visionaries, branded as Elevate. As a filmmaker, Mikki Willis has helmed numerous award winning and record setting productions, including theatrical features, television specials and series, commercials, and music videos for platinum artists. Mikki's most recent directorial credits are: Breaking Band, Neurons to Nirvana, and Be Brave.

Executive Producers & Leading Roles in the Film:

CherieChérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC, is “The Mother of Coaching” and the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of If Life is a Game, These are the Rules published in 40 languages, with over 4 million copies sold. The Founder of the MMS Worldwide Institute®, the original and oldest coach training in the world, Dr. Carter-Scott pioneered training coaches in 1974 before coaching was even a profession! Her book, Transformational Life Coaching, and Negaholics: Stop Being Negative and Reclaim Your Happiness are tools for coaches!

MarkMarc Steinberg, MCC, Founder of CCI Creative Consciousness International and the CCA Consciousness Coaching® Academy. Marc has been empowering and inspiring people on their way to personal growth, spiritual fulfillment and worldly success for more than two decades.

Kelvin Lim has been coaching professionals since 1997 and became the pioneer MCC in South East Asia in 2005. A highly sought-after Functional Consciousness coach, Kelvin has worked with over 20,000 people in China, Singapore and Internationally. He focuses his efforts on championing coaching and humanitarian campaigns. He was on the board of Culture Project in New York City, sponsoring the 64th UN Day Concert in UN Headquarters. Kelvin is the founder of Executive Coach International (ECI).
Roberto Re has more than 20 years of experience “on field”, more than 230,000 participants to his seminars, thousands of teachings and hundreds of Personal Coaching sessions. This makes Roberto Re, one of the number one in the European training. He's an undisputed leader of the sector and main spreader of personal leadership, self-help, self-fulfillment and self-esteem. Roberto set up HRD Training Group in 1992 and at present he is the sole owner and Master Trainer. In 'Leap' movie Roberto will coach a few top athletes who will compete for the gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games.
Carol Look is an author, speaker, coach, and creator of her signature coaching method, “The Yes Code.” A founding EFT Master and leading voice in the EFT (Tapping) community, Carol is known for combining her distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy with energy medicine for unprecedented innovations in the application of EFT for successful coaching results.
Carol is a world-renowned speaker and workshop presenter, a frequent guest on leading Global Telesummits, and authored the popular books: Attracting Abundance with EFT, and The Tapping Diet.
Carol trains and mentors energy practitioners worldwide, and runs her Certified Abundance Coaching Program for practitioners who are passionate about coaching others to lead lives of exceptional success.
Clinton Callahan retired penniless from civilization when he was 27 years old and since then follows one burning passion: upgrading human thoughtware through authentic initiatory coaching and transformational processes. For forty years Clinton has been empirically developing, documenting, and delivering Possibility Management which brings people closer to themselves through radical responsibility. Along with 25 fellow coaches, Clinton delivers Possibility Coaching in Europe, USA and Asia. Clinton is by nature a memetic engineer and a relentless writer: two of his books are Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, and Conscious Feelings. Being the co-founder of Next Culture Research and Training Center he uses everything he has learned to help as many people as possible across bridges to sustainable cultures as soon as possible. He is extra-passionate about supporting the bridge-builders, those edge-working Executives facing the groundlessness of pure invention in order to create their next move.

Discover How 'Leap' Experts Built Million Dollar Coaching Businesses:


Experts Featured in Coaching Movie:

Marshall GoldsmithDr. Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized again as one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World and the top-ranked executive coach at the 2013 biennial Thinkers50 ceremony in London.
Dr. Goldsmith is the author or editor of 34 books, which have sold over two million copies, been translated into 30 languages and become bestsellers in 12 countries.
jackJack Canfield is the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and watched it grow to a billion dollar market. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 123 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise (and over 500 million copies in print worldwide), Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success. Affectionately known as “America’s #1 Success Coach,” Jack has studied and reported on what makes successful people different.
Mark_Thompson_1Mark Thompson is CEO of the Growth Leadership Academy, a New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s top venture investors with the ‘Midas’ touch. Based in Silicon Valley, he's been a visiting scholar at Stanford University and a pre-IPO investor in Facebook and several firms acquired by Google, Apple and HewlettPackard. Mark is a leadership advisor to the World Bank, a founding patron of Sir Richard Branson’s Entrepreneurship Centres and a partner to Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab and Virgin Unite.
johngrayJohn Gray, Ph.D., is the leading relationship expert in the world and best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. John’s books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world. His many books, videos and seminars teach men and women how to understand, respect and appreciate their difference in both personal and professional relationships.
john-demartiniDr. John F. Demartini is a world renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author and global educator. Dr. Demartini has addressed public and professional audiences up to 11000 people at a time across the world and shared the stage with some of the world’s most influential people such as Sir Richard Branson, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Donald Trump and many more. From the thousands of testimonials he receives annually, Dr Demartini’s work changes people’s lives forever.
MarciMarci Shimoff is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, celebrated transformational teacher, and expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love. Her books include the international bestsellers Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason. She’s also the woman’s face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, as co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series. With total book sales of more than 15 million copies worldwide in 33 languages, Marci is one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time. Marci is dedicated to helping people live more empowered and joy-filled lives.

Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is a two time New York Times bestselling author who has appeared on The Today Show, The Morning Show, and whose work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. The CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. She currently lives in Montreal with her husband, Frederic, and their two boys, Alexander and Maxim.

Noam-KostuckiNoam Kostucki is the Coaching Movie Fundraising Coach who coached the film crew to raise over $600,000 before production.
Noam is a professional speaker, coach and author who has engaged with over 25,000 from 40 nationalities. His clients have raised money from investors, built successful businesses, and created masterpieces like the 40th most viewed TED talk of all time. He made over 50 media appearances, gave two TED Talks and received the UK Business Speaker of the Year 2011 runner up award. He has spoken at over 80 international conferences and at institutions like Harvard University, the London School of Economics, startup and executive networks.

David Steele

David Steele

David Steele is a California-based Marriage & Family Therapist who fell in love with coaching and in 1997 founded Relationship Coaching Institute, the first and largest international relationship coach training organization. David is a pioneer in the field of relationship coaching for singles and couples, and author of the ground-breaking books "Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of your life and the Life That You Love," and "Radical Marriage: Your Relationship as Your Greatest Adventure." David is passionate about promoting the power of coaching to help singles find lasting love, and couples to live BEYOND happily ever after.

Julie Starr

Julie Starr is an expert and thought-leader in the field of coaching. Since 2002, her best-selling book The Coaching Manual has supported the evolution of the coaching field through simple, powerful principles and practical approaches. Her books are translated into many languages and are required reading on coach training programmes around the world.
With over 20 years and thousands of hours coaching experience, Julie supports CEO’s and executives from the world’s largest organizations. Her approach is challenging, compassionate and empowers clear leadership.
Julie’s books, Brilliant Coaching and The Mentoring Manual support managers and leaders to improve business performance by developing people. She lectures in universities and at industry conferences to inspire understanding and engagement. Julie is MD of Starr Consulting, a leading provider of coach training in organisations.
Julie also writes novels for young adults and donates proceeds to charities which house, heal and educate street children and orphans:

Janez Hudovernik

Janez has 24 years of business experience. Currently he is working with clients to develop effective leadership teams in various industries and as an executive coach. His work with leadership teams is engaging, practical and supporting. He is also known as working with successful sports teams in the topic of full engagement and mental preparation.
Janez is married and he lives with his wife Tadeja and their six children (Ela, Valter, Rebeka, Klara, Andreja and Rafael) near Bled. One of Janez’ greatest hobbies are running and reading. His goal is to read a minimum one book a month. His major points of interest include coaching, improving performance and science of change management.

Michael Serwa

Michael Serwa runs a thriving coaching practice at the heart of London. He works with winners, people who are either successful at something already, or have firmly decided to become successful.

He is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most successful directive life coaches. His no-nonsense style continues to captivate people from all walks of life to reach their full potential.

He's the author of a very well-received book called 'From Good To Amazing: No Bullshit Tips For The Life You Always Wanted', and the host of the YouTube's weekly The Michael Serwa Show.

With over 300 personal success stories, 250 workshops, and thousands copies of his book sold, Michael continues to impact people all around the world.

Thomas Gelmi

Thomas makes Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote a reality: "What we really need is someone who can bring out the best in us".
Through his coaching approach he creates room for effective communication and structured reflection, focusing on the development of personal and inter-personal skills and resulting in measurable growth.
He has trained and coached top executives, senior managers and directors, mainly in Europe but also in the U.S., Canada, Asia and Australia for over 15 years. Thomas is a certified member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and regularly writes blogs and articles about leadership and personal mastery for various specialist journals.

Sayeda Habib

Sayeda Habib is a pioneer of coaching within the Muslim community. She is well known for bringing coaching and Islamic principles together through her work with clients, and through her writing. She is the author of “Discover the Best in You: Life Coaching for Muslims,” the first self-help coaching book written specifically for Muslims.Sayeda holds the credential of Professional Certified Coach awarded by the International Coach Federation. She is a trained practitioner in a variety of skills including NLP, Time Line Therapy, and hypnotherapy. She believes that a bigger toolbox provides flexibility and depth when working with clients, and so allowing for even more powerful results.Sayeda has made television and radio appearances in Pakistan, UAE, Europe and the USA. She currently writes for a variety of Muslim publications and speaks at Islamic events and conferences.

Tara Antler

Tara Antler is known as a Soul Coach, Intuitive Healer, Author,
International Speaker and Love-Ignitor. She has an incredible ability to ignite others, accessing their gifts and creating profound clarity as to the steps to walk that cultivate a happy life. Her vision is to Ignite and Empower millions around the world to connect to their expanded vision of a passion-filled, purpose-directed, soulful life! The overflow-effect is:
people feel happy, free, excited, connected and joyful in all areas of their life.

Tara has become known for her intuitively guided meditations that easily access the subconscious and positively re-pattern the mind for joy, love, success, possibility, freedom, creativity and harmony. She has successfully coached tens of thousands of clients one-on-one around the world and has had the opportunity of sharing her gifts and insights to millions of people - including 20 million in India, sharing her experience of meditation and mindfulness as a practice since the age of fourteen!

Carol Koziol

Carol works with people who are becoming 'less young' and are searching for the answers to the question 'what's next'? As an ICF Professional Certified Coach who utilizes Eco-therapeutic techniques along with the Enneagram, Carol guides people to turn their bucket lists into highlight reels in order to create their next extraordinary chapter in life. Carol has been working with people in various environments for over 40 years and has experience as an entrepreneur, a parent, and is currently a PhD student in Eco-Psychology. She continues to travel the remote corners of the world trekking, canoeing, scuba diving and ecovoluntouring.

Donna Stoneham

Donna Stoneham, PhD (USA) is a master executive coach, transformational leadership expert, and President of Positive Impact, LLC. Her passion is helping leaders succeed beyond their wildest dreams, live their most fulfilling lives, and make a difference in the world. Donna’s book, The Thriver’s Edge: Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love, and Lead, was named by BuzzFeed as one of “Nine Awesome Books for Your Career.”

Over the past twenty-five years, Donna has delivered break-through development programs to hundreds of Fortune 500 and not-for-profit leaders, teams, and organizations that enable them to unleash their power to thrive™, lead effectively, and pay it forward. A popular speaker and media guest, Donna’s work has been featured in the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations, The Huffington Post, and When she’s not coaching or teaching, she enjoys swimming, philanthropic travel, writing and spending time at home with her spouse and rescue dogs in northern California.

Gemma Sala i Grau

Barcelona - Spain
Licensed Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, NLP Master Trainer. Certified Coach by ASESCO and ICF – Professional Certified Coach. She studied film at New York’s prestigious SVA and speaks five languages.
As a professional coach and trainer, Gemma works in national and international settings – education and business.
She is very keen in applying Mindfulness, NLP & Neuroscience to her practice. She has a program on Neuroscience for teachers and coaches: Neurocoaching – an ICF certified program to coach more effectively with the brain in mind.
She provides programs on leadership development to improve business and team effectiveness.
She collaborates on the NeuroTrainingLab for professional & personal development from a multidimensional approach: neurosciences, organizational psychology, coaching, management and positive psychology.
Gemma loves to coach personal and professional transitions.

Devon Kerns and Jessica Smith

Devon Kerns “The Rockstar of Dating” and Jessica Smith “The Goddess of Personal Transformation” partnered to empower one million singles on their journey to finding love. Devon helps you navigate the incredibly confusing dating world by giving you the skills of HOW, WHAT and WHEN in dating. Learning these skills brings emotional intelligence, patience and fun back into dating. Jessica, Eating Psychologist, Multi-Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, & Rieki Healer transforms your heart and energy. If you have personal issues preventing you from opening to the experience of love, she will help you move through it.

“We spend thousands of dollars on skills and knowledge for every important aspect of life except for dating and we gamble on the most important accomplishment of them all…Love!” ~Devon Kerns

Hisham Abdalla

New Zealand
Dr. Hisham Abdalla is a New Zealand Doctor, practicing as a Laser Cosmetic Dental Surgeon.

He is a Professional Educator, Transformational Speaker, Mind & Mouth Health Expert and researcher, as well as Founder of Laser LifeCARE Institute and LaserKidsDental.

Dr. Hisham is an International Bestselling Author – of #1 Amazon Bestseller book: 4D Leadership – Master the 4D’s of Success and Live Your Dreams.
As a lover of wisdom and a multicultural connector who is passionate about Humanity and Service in Excellence, he is recognized as a global influencer and leader within Generation XY professionals, through the art of Conscious Deliberate Mass Evolution and Unity through Diversity.

Marla and Jami Keller

In 1995, we were trained as a facilitators and Certified Relationship Coaches for Life Skills International, a Domestic Violence program. Within a year, we began public speaking, facilitating workshops, and helping individuals and couples, and we realized how much more powerful it was to help people on a deeper level. We also did extensive training with Invite Inc. Coaching Certification and became Executive Coaches. We continue to attend workshops and trainings, keep ourselves up to date about the newest neuroscience and science of relationships, and hone our skills as a Executive Relationship and Life Coaches. We coach as a team, which brings with it the powerful impact of both male and female perspectives. Because we coach together, utilizing our copyrighted process, we have a 97% success rate in not only keeping couples together (even those in divorce proceedings), but helping those couples attain passion and intimacy in their relationship. We also guide individuals into better relationships in all areas of their lives.

Ingolfur Thor Tomasson

Ingólfur Þór Tómasson (Ingo) is a certified coach from the International Coach Federation. As a working Life coach and public speaker, He is able to speak from experience of being in the position of both an Owner and a Managing Director as well as now being successfully self-employed for over a decade. His clientele are people from all walks of life. CEO´s, board-members, lawyers, housewife’s, carpenters and inmates on the way out to life outside of penitentiary. Ingo’s passion is getting to the crux of the situation and bringing to your attention your strengths and your objectives in a way that reduces your own searching and investigation. Whilst simultaneously putting it into practice.
Ingólfur Þór is married to the love of his life “Erna” and they have five children.

L. Michael Hall

Co-Developer of Neuro-Semantics (with Dr. Bob Bodenhamer), co-developer of the Meta-Coaching System (with Michelle Duval), best selling Author, Modeler of human excellence using NLP and Neuro-Semantics, Cognitive Psychologist.

Maria Nemeth

Maria Nemeth, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Master Certified Coach, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and seminar leader. She is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Excellence. For more than 25 years, Dr. Nemeth has trained professional coaches, ministers, clinicians, executives, teachers, and private individuals using the transformative coaching methods and skills that she has designed.
Dr. Nemeth’s best-selling book The Energy of Money resulted in an appearance on the Oprah Show and led to the creation of her powerful six-month online program, Unleashing the Energy of Money. This life-changing experience supports heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs to move beyond money fear and stress so they can create the business and life they love, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Jane Cox

Jane is a world-renowned human behaviours expert and a specialist on the founder of the Life Dynamics coaching programme. She is also a motivational speaker, sharing stages around the world with the likes of Nick Vujicic and Chris Gardner. A qualified doctor of psychology, with two other doctorates, and several other post-graduate qualifications, she brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world expertise. Jane runs programmes covering wealth, development, and personal growth, with a focus on creating lasting change; she has a real passion for giving people not just the knowledge they need to make their lives better, but also the methods & tools to make those changes happen. Her passion is helping people to live a life they love.

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. Bill hosts and speaks at events all over the world. He is an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity. He has spent two decades working with start-ups to major global brands increasing sales, productivity and overall success. Bill has an extensive background in foreign currency trading, real estate development and building businesses in more than 30 countries. Over the past two decades, his firm has specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market. Bill is committed to raising the awareness of entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations world wide.

Pablo Tovar

Pablo Tovar is an Executive Coach to senior executives and a Senior Consultant with more than 25 years experience. Managing Partner of AddVenture and Fellow of Oxford Leadership, he has been project and programme leader in interventions of leadership development and large-scale organisational transformation in multinational companies from industries such as banking, pharma, telecommunications, consulting, retail, infrastructures…

Pablo holds a degree in Psychology, with a major in Organisational Psychology and a Masters Degree in HR Management. He has fully completed several business administration and leadership development programmes at IESE, ESADE, Harvard University and San Jose State University. He is based in Spain and works in Spanish and English with clients in +20 countries.

Chelli Pumphrey

Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Dating and Relationship Coach. Chelli utilizes a unique coaching approach, based on her twenty plus years of experience as a psychotherapist. This clinical expertise provides the foundation of her coaching work, which is known for its direct, effec-tive, yet compassionate style. As a relationship expert, she blends her knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, and attachment to coach people in overcoming fear, disrupting unhealthy relationship patterns, and in building confidence in their search for love. She is passionate about helping people develop healthy, compatible, fulfilling relationships. Chelli maintains her therapy practice and dating coaching business, leads retreats and classes, and regularly publishes blogs and articles about helping people find the courage to live and love with authenticity and passion.

Lars-Eric Unestahl, Ph.D.

President of the Scandinavian International University – is a great inspiration, which meant and means a lot to many people. Unestahl has since the 1960´s been researching about – and developed principles and programs for Personal- Team- Organizational and Leadership- development through Mental Training. The goal has been to develop a online course in mental training practitioner for everybody. and practical training programs to obtain Excellence in Sport and Performing Arts, School and Education, Business, and Health and Wellbeing.

Discover How 'Leap' Experts Built Million Dollar Coaching Businesses:

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Discover How 'Leap' Experts Built Million Dollar Coaching Businesses: