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Christina E Smith

Author, Coach, Consultant, visionary partner, speaker, Direct Sales expert Tulip McGee Inc
Other Washington United States Home Phone: 1-206-423-6596 Website: Christina E Consulting


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I am a strategic visionary partner. I provide career, business, personal, and relationship guidance to your highest level.

I am a visionary consultant, writer, vocalist, producer, author, public speaker, social marketing consultant, direct sales expert, coach, daughter, sister, and a happy, proud mom. I love connecting with people and making things happen in the positive way.

Are you a good boss over yourself? Do you run a tight ship in your organization? Are you in control of yourself and your employees if you have them? Do yourself a favor; make yourself accountable to someone for your personal and business actions. Hire a vision coach to take the role of boss in your life. The irony is, a coach discovers what you desire in life and holds you accountable to that, nothing else, not to the stuff that others would like from you, but what you expressly desire for your life. Now, that’s not a bad boss. So, get in touch with me; I can help.

We as human beings are designed to thrive. To thrive means to prosper, flourish, grow success vigorously…and that’s what you deserve. This is woven through our DNA. It’s our instinct to gain more while in pursuit and completion of our purpose; to leave a legacy of greatness for someone to carry on. With that said, it is possible to have the life of your dreams, IF you know the principles of success. However knowing these principles is not enough. There’s one more crucial step that could catapult your business to flourish at speeds you might not have ever imagined. Invisible Truth is a universal training that teaches anyone to harness the energy of the universe in a directed, organized, and controlled fashion. When applied correctly it works for everyone, whether they are faith or science based.

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Washington United States

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