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David Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, CTPC, PCC

DTK Coaching – Master Life’s Work!
Work Atlanta GA 30324 USA Cell Phone: 404-822-9688 Skype: davidtaylor-klaus Blog: The Mindset Minute from DTK Coaching Website: Leaders Read – A reading list for leaders


Photo of David Taylor-Klaus CPCC, CTPC, PCC

David Taylor-Klaus works hard, and he plays hard. He deliberately approaches the important roles in his life with intention and attention:

  • Husband, Father, & Friend.
  • Coach, Author, & Speaker.
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, & Visionary.
  • Wine Collector, Avid Cyclist, & Gold-medal Rower.

In every walk of life, he is a lifelong learner.

David’s personal and professional worlds clearly reflect a journey in pursuit of excellence, always with a great deal of humor and heart. He is known for his sharp intellect and incisive ability to see and say what others do not. He balances fierce candor with genuine compassion … aka “an iron fist in a velvet glove.”

Whether working with individuals, teams, or speaking to large groups, David believes that a powerful leader exists in each of us, his goal is to empower others to unearth and unleash their own leadership mastery. From personal experience, he drives home the importance for all professionals to take an active, intentional, and dynamic role in their private and professional lives.

David reintroduces successful entrepreneurs & senior executives to their families.

Through coaching, David’s clients create the kind of life-work integration that enables them to build profitable businessesraise thriving families, and live wildly fulfilling lives!

David’s insight and wisdom are built on his three decades as a successful serial entrepreneur.

Prior to establishing DTK Coaching, he was CEO of Digital Positions (DP), an internet strategy and web development firm he co-founded in 1995 and sold in 2009. As a strategist, he worked with C-level executives, senior management teams and boards of directors to broaden their perspective and see how interactive initiatives support corporate visions and values for positive growth.

It was during this time, however, that David realized that his success came from being reactive rather than proactive, and that he wasn’t participating consciously as a husband, father, business partner or entrepreneur.  As he headed toward rock-bottom, David had a significant wake-up call, that ultimately resulted in DTK Coaching.

(It’s a great story… read how really bad it got)

David and his wife, Elaine, are almost empty nesters, living in Atlanta with the youngest of their three children and three dogs of different sizes and energy levels all in a Buckhead neighborhood they developed in 1994. A gold-medal rower in the 2004 Georgia State Games, an avid cyclist, and an enthusiastic wine-collector (and drinker), David also enjoys kick-boxing, really great jokes, laughing with others … and at himself!


I Reintroduce Successful Entrepreneurs & Senior Executives to Their Families.

Through coaching, my clients create the kind of life-work integration that enables them to build profitable businesses, raise thriving families, and live wildly fulfilling lives!

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Atlanta GA 30324 USA

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