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Jason David Richardson

Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Meditation Instructor. Authentic Meditations
Other Texas United States Cell Phone: 432-212-5422 Website: Authentic Meditations


Photo of Jason David Richardson

Jason is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Transformational Life Coach.  He has a deep passion, love for, and a commitment to the healing and expansion of those he works with.  As a skilled coach he really knows how to help people move through their dark stuff and into the light, helping them thrive instead of survive.  His diverse talents help bring healing and wellness through creating and co-creating beautiful, moving meditations and visualizations that activate the subconscious mind and the energetic field that makes up and surrounds the human body.  He makes personalized meditations for you or your clients, specific to what needs to shift, be soothed, or healed.

His unique combination of sound therapy, affirmations, guided meditation and hypnosis re-align the energetic centers in the body and gently allow the subconscious mind to open.  So beginning to replace negative and destructive thought patterns with those that are loving, positive and productive.  He is gifted at  assisting those he works with to change and heal their lives permanently, as he guides them to ‘their true abundance that resides within’.

Jason has been happily married to Allyson since June of 1994 and together they have been blessed with 5 beautiful children; Irelyn, Ariel, Zeke, Emylee and Autumn.

Jason discovered the power of the subconscious mind through hypnosis and the healing effects of sound and frequency in the early 2000’s. As he began using these processes on himself, working with other hypnotherapists and coaches he noticed profound shifts in his ability to cope with his own life. He began cultivating a true love for life and began building true abundance in his life on all levels, starting with his relationship with himself and continuing on to his relationship with everyone else, especially his wife and children. Overcoming depression, thoughts of suicide, self-abusive behavior and anxiety, Jason developed not only the “will to live” but also the passion and “desire to thrive”. This has allowed him to have the self-confidence to build several successful businesses.  He has successfully integrated this healing modality into his own private practice of helping others to develop trusting, loving relationships with themselves and those that surround them. Changing and healing their lives permanently and guiding them to the true abundance that resides within.


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