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Melissa Tietz

Certified Thinking Into Results Consultant, Personal & Business Mentor, Master Certified Performance Coach CEO, Melissa Tietz Consulting & Training
Website: MelissaTietz.com


Photo of Melissa Tietz

Melissa has always been devoted to teaching and helping people reach their full potential.  She started her career teaching Kindergarten before shifting into coaching clients worldwide.  Melissa is now a Certified Bob Proctor Consultant coaching the Thinking Into Results course.

Prior to coaching with Bob Proctor Melissa was the President of a global coaching company where she was instrumental in connecting business partnerships and coaching classes anywhere from 10 clients to over 800.  From Colorado to Paris, she has spoken on stage and lead seminars on changing your life to attract what you want for many of her clients and fellow coaches.  She is a contributor to Empower Coaching Network and has also been featured on several different media outlets including Life Coach Radio.

After becoming a Certified Master Life Coach, she was promoted to Dean of Student Instruction and Learning where she successfully instructed hundreds of coaches to obtain their Life Coaching Certification and oversaw the continuing results of her certified master coaches.  She has also instructed courses for the Global Information Network Success Club and currently coaches for ITakeTheLead in Denver.

“I love to share my personal story to help inspire others to know they can make the big shifts which translate into huge results.  I encourage my clients to take what they dream about and make it real.  I believe everyone can create the same type of momentum that I have learned to cultivate.  It is about doing work on ourselves daily and feeling amazing from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.”

Melissa is the Co-President of the Women of Global Change Denver Chapter.  An organization and network to engage, support, and empower women for positive progress. Being a mom of 2 teenagers, Melissa’s passion also lies in the youth initiative which is designed to support our children in becoming conscious and responsible global citizens while working on their self-image and life goals.

“I take the best of what I know and help my clients grow into something that is going to change their world.”  Over the past several years Melissa’s success strategies have accelerated thousands of coaches and clients to achieve amazing results in their relationships, business, finances, family, and health.  Whether partnering with her clients one-on-one or working with them in her 6-month course, she helps them find their own greatness, remove the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and develop the skills and strategies that are invaluable to changing their life.

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