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Mirna Bacun

LinkedIn lead generation expert Creative Office j.d.o.o.


Photo of Mirna Bacun

Mirna Bacun is a LinkedIn lead generation expert.

She teaches 6-figure coaches, business owners and digital marketers how to grow their businesses by helping them implement a proven LinkedIn lead generation system.

If you run a six figure business, then you probably want to find and target high-quality leads with LinkedIn and convert them to clients on autopilot by using a proven system, so you can focus on what’s more important in your business.

When I started my first company, I had no idea how to get high-quality leads and turn them into paying clients. I just did what everybody else was doing – I tried book recommendations, webinar tips and every advice I got – but nothing was working.

And then, out of pure necessity, I started to use LinkedIn.

I developed LinkedIn lead generation systems and funnels which made my first company almost $50K of recurring revenue while spending $0 dollars on ads.

Then, I repeated the process in my second business and made over $45k (and counting) with LinkedIn in just 9 short months without spending any money on ads, as well.

Overall result I had with LinkedIn?

Over $95,000 in less then 2 years by using LinkedIn, with two completely different businesses – and without spending a single dollar on ads.

The 6-figure clients I work with need help with finding and targeting high-quality leads on LinkedIn and converting them into sales, while creating, implementing and automating their LinkedIn lead generation system.

I helped my clients to:


– Increase the number of high-quality prospects for their biz up to 200%-300% in a matter of weeks

– Drive targeted, quality leads from LinkedIn into their sales funnels, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollar in sales

– Automate their LinkedIn (and) lead generation process which helped them to reach their yearly sales goals faster then expected

– Charge what they are worth by targeting and converting their ideal customers on LinkedIn

– Generate 5-figures with their LinkedIn group during a product launches


You can find out more on http://www.mirnbacun.com


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