Thank you for your interest in hosting a LEAP Screening!

Hosting a screening is an easy and effective way to inspire over 1 million lives together to be more successful in life and business.

Why should you host a screening?

LEAP is on a mission to inspire over 1 million lives. Viewing the film is a transforming experience.
Next to contributing to the growth and transformation of your attendees, there are a lot of benefits for you, especially if you are into coaching, training or speaking:

  • You can attract an audience by announcing the screening and speak about your services in coaching/training after the film
  • You can promote your workshop/training after the film screening
  • You get exposure for your work to the followers of LEAP in your area
  • You can use the LEAP brand to get the word out to more people about your products and services
  • You can attract more clients for your coaching, training or workshop

Host a Screening

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a date between July-October 2018, and a city to host a screening.
2. Click ‘Host a screening’ and complete all steps. Tugg takes care of all ticket and theatre logistics. There is NO cost for you.
3. Tell everyone you know to join your screening by buying tickets online. The screening will only happen if there are enough tickets sold (-+ 50 tickets). At the time of people purchasing tickets, you can promote your services/products on the same page and people can buy your products together with the tickets.
4. Enjoy the film. If you want, you can give a speech/Q&A after the screening and promote your coaching services/products. You get 5% of all ticket sales.

Host a Screening

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