Work-Life Success MasterMind

“Yes, You Can Take Your Business to the Next Level Whilst Working Less and Spending More Time with Your Family”
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Join the brainstorming with the partner to Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Charles Schwab
plus the creators of The Coaching Movie and learn how to balance success at work with happiness at home

Monday, September 28th from 1pm to 5pm PST
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Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re working 16+ hours a day struggling to grow your business, then you might think that all you have is a black and white choice:
financial success or time with your family.

The truth is, you can have both. You just need to know how. Join Mark and Bonita Thompson and Patryk and Kasia Wezowski for this exclusive one day mastermind, and discover their strategies for maximizing your work-life success.

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Join this Unique Workshop with
Mark & Bonita Thompson
and Patryk & Kasia Wezowski
with a few top coaches.

Discover How to Attract 6 Figure Coaching Clients, With the Support of the Advisor to Richard Branson!

Financial Success Does Not Mean You Have to Do It Alone

This online streaming workshop is for people who want to supercharge their business and financial success whilst giving their family and lifestyle the care and attention it deserves.

You will see how a few entrepreneurs will be coached by two couples who know that success in business does not have to exclude happiness at home.

The coaches will walk you through case studies and practical examples of how to really make a difference and run a business with purpose and passion.

You’ll learn the exact success strategies that the partner to Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Charles Schwab and the creators of The Coaching Movie use to play at high level in business and keep their private lives flourishing.

The Happier You Are at Home the More Successful Your Business will Become

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Listen, the secret to huge success in business is NOT simply working longer hours.

It’s about creating a lifestyle and relationships that allow you to be at your best both at home and at work, and achieve things that bring you true satisfaction and fulfillment.

From working with some of the top entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world, our coaches have discovered that the secret to success is a work life balance and family dynamic that allows you to consistently be at your best.

When you’re happy at home and have the support of a loving family your business will thrive too because you’ll be operating at your peak.

At this mastermind you’ll learn the time management strategies and productivity hacks that will allow you to get more done by working less, so you’ll have more time to spend with the people that matter.


Implement The Strategies
of the Coach of Billionaires

Join This Workshop Alongside a Handful of Other Top Coaches and Get Personal Suggestions for Supercharing Your Coaching Business. Brainstorm Personally with Mark Thompson, Bonita, Patryk and Kasia and Learn the Strategies for Attracting 6 Figure Coaching Clients

You can watch the mastermind live from wherever you are in the world through streaming video.

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Discover Practical Strategies To Help You Grow Your Business and Enhance Your Lifestyle

Here are a few of the things you’ll be learning during this event:
• Some of the secrets Mark Thompson shared with the partner to Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Charles Schwab which helped them achieve phenomenal success in business
• How you and your spouse can work together as a couple and support each other when things get tough, rather than driving each other crazy
• The productivity strategies that will help you get more done despite working fewer hours, so you’ll have more time with your family and loved ones
• About babies and business - how your family can be a source of energy, inspiration and creativity
• Proven business tips, techniques and strategies to help you take your company to the next level
• How to connect your passion with your business to make a difference and achieve meaningful, personal satisfaction

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Be Experiencing:

Complete Program:

• 1pm (PST timezone): Start of the Live Video Streaming of a personalized MasterMind session about the businesses of only a few selected entrepreneurs, with Mark & Bonita Thompson and Patryk & Kasia Wezowski
• 2pm: Participate in the Brainstorm through chat with our coaches, giving the selected entrepreneurs more input on how to take their business to the next level whilst keeping their home life flourishing. You can ask your questions on the chat and we'll pick a few of them to be answered during the brainstorming.
• 4pm: Concluding the day, summary of the next action steps of the entrepreneurs, tailored for their business and personal situation
• 5pm: End of the once-in-a-lifetime Live Streaming experience

The event will happen in Los Angeles on Monday, September 28. You can participate live via streaming video.

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What’s Your Investment?

We believe that the proven strategies and advice you’ll get during this half day can help you make huge improvements to your business and personal life.

The investment for the entrepreneurs who attend this program in Los Angeles was a few thousand USD.
Now you can watch this amazing experience by Live Streaming for less than two hundred USD!

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Note: your investment goes to finance the 'Coaching' movie and you contribute to increasing the production value of a historic documentary!

Here’s The Essential Information:


Monday, September 28th from 1pm PST
(= start at 4pm EST, 10pm UK, 11pm Central Europe)
Duration is 4 hours
Recording Available


You can participate remotely through streaming video.
You just need a device (computer, mobile,etc) with an internet connection.
If you cannot be there live, you'll receive the replay afterwards.

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For Who?

- Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business exponentially whilst having more time to spend with their loved ones
- Coaches who would like to attract more clients
- Business owners who are struggling with work-life balance
- Speakers who want to reach a larger audience with their message
- Business owners and executives who realize that success at work doesn’t mean sacrificing happiness at home


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Be There by Live Streaming and Get the Replay for Just $397 $197