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Activate Your Super Powers



A free introductory coaching session where I help the client will walk away with a clear picture of what a perfect day with her kids looks like and with a couple of tools that will help her how to create it and see changes right away.

About: Adriana Carballo

Adriana Carballo Copenhagen, Denmark Adriana helps moms with small children to create the perfect day with their kids, get control of their time and add more fun and creativity into their lives. As a Law of Attraction Coach and mother of two wonderful children, Adriana believes that it is paramount for moms to understand that their own happiness does not depend on the behavior of their children and that it is by finding their own joy as women and acting from a place of connection with who they are as human an spiritual beings, that they can powerfully and positively influence their children. Adriana’s purpose and passion to remind her clients that they are powerful creators and to help them connect to their unique super powers and learn how to activate them to create and transform anything they want. In addition to her work as a coach, Adriana loves working with children and she is a strong believer of the power of gratitude and how it can help you transform your life. She is the founder of the Cultivate Gratitude project in Denmark where she organizes free workshops for parents and children. Adriana comes from beautiful Costa Rica and lives in Wonderful Copenhagen. She is known for her loving, joyful and calm attitude and for her ability to transmit her passion to adults and children. Adriana is a Quantum Success Law of Attraction coach and she obtained her certificate from Christy Whitman's Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Program Name: Activate Your Super Powers
Coach Name: Adriana Carballo
Includes: 8 Coaching Sessions of 90 minutes

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