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Change your life



This package includes 8 sessions of 90' each. Sessions can be spread over 6 months time. In order to be beneficial and efficient, professionals recommend that time between 2 sessions should not exceed 2 weeks especially at the beginning and that should not be spread over time too long (a max of 3 or 4 months time period is recommended) . For clients, benefits include gain of confidence, emergence of new skills, discovery of new potentials and abilities.

About: Violaine Truck

Bilingual French-English certified coach mediator. I am based in Paris, France and specialized in conflict resolution and change management. I have lived and worked for 5 years in the USA, one year in England and I consider myself bi-cultural. After 15 years spent in the High Tech industry being a Documentation Manager, I have started a successful career change on my own as a consultant in change management for software companies based in Paris. I especially enjoy helping teams and companies change the way they conciliate performance with happiness, well-being, and collaboration on the work place. I am the author and producer of several screenplays, articles and short films and see myself as a creativity midwife for the people I coach. I enjoy giving tips or playing innovation games with the people who are undergoing a change in their personal life or professional career. The goal is always to let the person or the team find their own solutions.

Program Name: Change your life
Coach Name: Violaine Truck
Includes: 8 Coaching Sessions of 90 minutes

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