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Do you consider yourself a passion-filled change-maker who often gets caught up in your head, but knows how amazing you feel when you tap into your heart? You know you have a bigger life purpose or goals to achieve …and yet, you know you might be getting in your own way, self-sabotaging or possibly don’t have all the confidence you need to step into the gloriously awesome light that is YOU? At first it feels like life is happening to us, and then we learn that life is happening for us and responding to us. Claim your life today and deliberately create all that you desire. Receive coaching that’ll inspire and support you; challenge you to dig deep; and show you how to utilize the Law of Attraction to your benefit. It’s your time to shine.

If you know you need to feel passionate about the work you do in the world or maybe you just don’t want to leave this earth with regrets one day, then let’s talk. You ARE strong, open-minded, bright, creative, safe and supported. Connecting your head and heart through coaching involves a balance of inquiry through dialogue, emotional insights and being open to what emerges in the process.

We’ll use a variety of tools including the wisdom of universal laws (especially the Law of Attraction), both your intuition and mine and guided meditations to unearth your next steps in making your breakthrough. You will create a life of your own design, and it all begins with claiming your life now. This world is waiting for YOU and all you have to offer. When you say “Jump!” the Universe says “How high?”

Get started with your introductory session and we will assess what is, explore where you’d like to go and create anew with inspired action!

About: Kim O'Neill

Kim is a passion-filled, forward-thinking change-maker who loves the expansion and growth coaching provides. She believes in her clients' dreams and aims to empower and support them in discovering what has been holding them back so they can skyrocket to the freedom they most desire in their life. Kim is incredibly supportive but not afraid to challenge her clients as necessary.

Kim is an ICF, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) who has put herself through two coach training programs simply because she loves all that there is to learn. As a Certified Law of Attraction coach, one of her specialties is guided meditations which allow clients to raise their vibration and release resistance to allowing in a client’s manifested creations. She has a monthly radio show, “Perk Up with Kim” on and is also an Interview Coach and Certified Reiki Master. Outside of being a coach, her professional background ranges from Registered Dental Assistant to Voiceover Artist and Human Resources Coordinator to Crime Analyst. She loves speaking, writing and obviously - coaching!

Program Name: Create Your Life - It's Your Turn
Coach Name: Kim O'Neill
Includes: 6 Coaching Sessions of 60 minutes

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