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Discover the best in you: life coaching for Muslims



Discover the Best in You is the next best thing to having your own personal life coach. Coaches ask their clients the right questions to help them raise awareness, take action, and make changes for a better quality of life; this book does exactly that!

Discover the Best in You contains exercises, tips, and tools that will help you to gain clarity and focus in to where you feel you need it most. A variety of exercises, tips, and strategies have been designed to specifically address life’s challenges such as overcoming a setback, enhancing self-esteem, improving relationships and more. You will learn how to create a compelling vision, set inspiring goals and create a plan of action that actually works for you. You may well discover certain things about yourself that will surprise and inspire you!

You don’t have to be Muslim to benefit from this book. The references to the Quran and Hadith provide inspiration that’s relevant to anyone who is committed to being the best possible human being they can be. By discovering the best in you, you will have more to offer to yourself and to the world.

About: Sayeda Habib

Sayeda is one of the first credentialed Muslim coaches in the world. She is a well renowned speaker, author, workshop presenter, and coach to Muslim individuals from all over the globe. Her awareness of Islamic principles and cultural norms allows her to empathetically support her clients in breaking through obstacles to achieve a more fulfilling life. Her clients have changed careers, improved relationships, started businesses, gotten married, and achieved results in various aspects of their lives.

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