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Flick Your Rich Switch & Transform your life! Business Coaching & Wealth Coaching from experienced lifestyle entrepreneur & qualified financial adviser, currently working from tropical paradise in Bali 🙂 Past clients have enjoyed up to 500% increase in income, plus significant improvements in health, happiness & relationships. What do the wealthy do, that you could too, if you only knew?

90-Second Testimonial: 500+% increase in income

Flick Your Rich Switch

A professional financial planner, Jeremy Britton was an expert at making money (but not true wealth). After making a fortune for himself and creating wealth for thousands of clients, Jeremy was to discover that there was more to life than money. A heart attack at 33 made Jeremy search for *24hour wealth*, or "wealth in all areas". Jeremy sold his financial planning business & studied health, meditation, relationships & spirituality. This spiritual quest lead to the discovery of Flick Your Rich Switch Transformations (FYRST*) and several subconscious wealth creation techniques. Jeremy now teaches holistic life balance as well as financial strategy, so that clients can also have wealth in all areas: financial, physical, spiritual, business & relationships. Jeremy is the author of several books on financial strategy, millionaire mindset and spirituality. He coaches clients in 12 countries and still finds time to watch the sunrise over the beach most mornings.

Program Name: Flick Your Rich Switch
Coach Name: Jeremy Britton
Includes: 10 Coaching Sessions of 45 minutes

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