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Business Accelerator Program – Focus-Think-Strategy


Coaching program with Zsuzsa Balint

4 Coaching Sessions of 90 minutes


Exclusively for businesses that want to see their business rapidly grow and thrive.
Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth are essential .When our clients live our values, leaders and their businesses are transformed.

Benefits: improve the efficiency, discover new streams of revenue and significantly increase profits.

The biggest problem our members have is lack of time to do all the things they need to do. We help our clients to streamline so that they are no longer stressed and short of time. That extra time they get allows them to have more time to focus and do the things they need to do to take their business to the next level. Our International Business Accelerator is the most complete business program you can join. We guarantee that your profits will grow. I look forward very much to work with you wherever you are in the world,face to face or by Skype.


About Zsuzsa Balint:

I am a leadership & management coach, organization development consultant, business communication trainer , CEO facilitator,specializing in working with executives, managers and teams in facing challenges, building relationships,becoming successful leaders and helping them to grow. My approach is always flexible ,open , founded upon an in-depth understanding and appreciation of business, organizations and the diversity of human nature using different methods. I have been entrepreneur for 15 years, studied in Hungary,UK,and USA.I work with business owners, CEO's and Managing Directors to investigate the opportunities to grow their businesses and give them the tools to achieve extraordinary success in their private and business life. I do work in Hungarian and English language . Whether your challenge is personal, professional, local, or global, I am prepared to work with you on site as well as remotely through computer.


Program Name: Business Accelerator Program - Focus-Think-Strategy
Coach Name: Zsuzsa Balint
Includes: 4 Coaching Sessions of 90 minutes

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