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This coaching package is all about identifying what has meaning to the client and working with the client to create a smart plan that supports their desire to transition into the life they want to live both professionally and personally. They will be able to eliminate limited beliefs that are not serving them, become more confident, and have clarity around what truly matters to them.

About: Ida Crawford

As a Certified Life Coach of Daily Life For Me, I get to support individuals to be conscious and intentional about what they want in their life. Ida's graduated from University of Baltimore with a BS in Applied Information Technology. As an IT professional for over 25 years, Ida provided desktop and client server support to users all around the world. While supporting users, Ida got to hear about what was going in their lives and always left them with words of encouragement. Later, Ida was introduced to personal development and quickly made the decision that this would be her life passion. Ida attended Coach Training Alliance where she received training and her Life Coaching certification. motivation. Ida now has her own practice, Daily Life For Me, where she supports her clients with getting "UnStuck." Ida co-creates with her clients to create smart goals that are unique to the dynamics of their lives. She supports her clients to " get out of their own way" by supporting them to look at mind-sets that are not serving them. She provides accountability to ensure her clients successfully reach their goals. Ida believes that being conscious and intentional about what you want in your life is the key to removing what you don't want. Your Success is Her Reason! As Co-Founder of A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network, LLC, Ida is committed to nurturing an environment where women are supported both personally and professionally to step into their greatness through the power of community and collaboration. Investing in your life is what brings happiness and abundance.

Program Name: Inside Me
Coach Name: Ida Crawford
Includes: 3 Coaching Sessions of 45 minutes

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