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Leap Coaching Sessions Package – PRIVATE USE License


Get 12 Complete Coaching Sessions Filmed in Theatre Quality for the LEAP Movie

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WHAT IS The Masters Of Coaching Package?
Experience Transformation and Discover Exactly How the Best Coaches in the World Inspire Their Clients to Change.

Witness coaching at its best with this unique collection of 12 in depth sessions from the Leap film. Peek behind the curtain and observe exactly how the finest coaches in the world guide their clients towards profound change and transformation.

Each of the 12 sessions is approximately 45 minutes in length. Filmed in theatre quality, the detail and emotion shown in these sessions will captivate and amaze. You’ll be learning a ton, but it will feel like you’re watching your favourite TV show in high definition.

These videos are a must for every coach. You’ll see world-class techniques in full to copy and use with your own practice. You can even show extracts to your students and use them on your website to add value to your coaching packages and attract more business.

Register here to get six free extracts from LEAP coaching sessions

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