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Positive change in your life starts with you. Change happens Inside-Out meaning we first work with your Inner Game (beliefs, meanings, intentions) and then make it REAL in your life.

Embark on a journey of transformation where you:

  • Revive your true self
  • Release fears and anything else that may hold you back
  • Break through self-doubt and self-sabotage
  • Build a New You – beyond fears and self-doubt
  • Build a New Life – your step-by-step blueprint to design, create and live Your Best Life!

Be Fulfilled – Happy – Successful!

Continue to the next most important challenge for you:

  • Life Partner Relationship / Attract your ideal life partner
  • Money – manage money or abundance mindset
  • Life Purpose in practice – start your business
  • Success in your career or business
  • Health – achieve your ideal weight – manage stress effectively
  • Parenting – keys to empower your children
  • Communication skills affecting relationships

Includes 12 months access to

About: Dina Marais

Dina practices as a Personal Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Trainer and Inspirational Speaker. She is a certified Meta-Coach and her work is grounded in NLP and Neuro-Semantics. She transforms lives by coaching people to heal themselves and thrive in life.

She believes that self-acceptance and self-love are fundamental for individuals to self-actualize and thrive in their personal and professional lives as well as business.

Dina is the founder of &, an online self-coaching system for ongoing personal development where you work with 10 life areas and gain the self-awareness that empowers you to change and thrive.

As a speaker, her themes of Live Your Best Life & It Starts With You capture the attention of her audience because it speaks to every person in some context of their lives. She is entertaining, funny and playful yet delivers a serious personal message.

Program Name: Live Your Best Life!
Coach Name: Dina Marais
Includes: 6 Coaching Sessions of 90 minutes

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