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Personalized Life Coaching for Today’s Modern Women



Your "Personalized Life Coaching for Today’s Modern Woman" Package consists of 3 Coaching sessions + 1 Follow-Up session, each consisting of approximately 60-75 minutes. Plus! You’ll receive the Healthy, Happy Relationships- 4 CD Set- with tips sure to benefit all who listen!

YOU ARE THE EXPERT OF YOUR OWN LIFE, BUT THE TRUTH IS GOING IT ALONE CAN BE TOUGH. Whether you’ve suffered some form of abuse and it’s now playing a starring role in your relationships or causing you to feel insecure, unhappy, hopeless, out of balance, or powerless to change your current circumstances. Or You’ve settled for a life, relationship, or career of convenience that’s less than you once hoped or imagined.

Feel better knowing that your coaching sessions will be customized to fit your needs, your values, and your personal life challenges.

Are your dreams in jeopardy of becoming extinct? You're not alone- it's an epidemic. We can save them together. Have you spent your life "taking care of house and home"- with your dreams on hold? Set an example for your loved ones by showing them the importance of never giving up on your dreams! Are you hiding your emotional pain and putting on a mask to get through the day? Let me help you unmask, get real, and restore hope to your heart.

The secret to happiness is learning from past experiences and using them as tools to improve your life. Once you decide to work with an experienced and trained expert and make the needed investment of time and energy- it’s just a matter of time before you experience a breakthrough! Saving your dreams, Increasing your confidence, Self-esteem, and Happiness are all wise decisions so let’s get started!

About: L.J. Jackson

L.J. Jackson, M.S. P.P.S., CMC is an Award Winning Women’s Empowerment Expert, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Executive Producer, Author, Certified Master NLP Coach, Master Success Coach and Strategic Interventionist trained through RMT, the official life coach training program of Tony Robbins.

After growing up feeling powerless, worthless, and unwanted, L.J. made it her mission to help others increase their confidence, happiness, and self-esteem. And she has spent the past 20 years helping 1000's save their dreams from going extinct, restore hope to their heart, and helped them take inspired actions to make their dreams happen.

L.J. is known for creating a fun, safe, nonjudgmental space for you to unmask, be real, and discover the root cause of your issues so you can heal. As she listens, empathizes, encourages, inspires, and challenges you so you can accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.

"I left feeling accomplished and felt like I could take on any challenge!"

"What L.J. has to offer is something every woman wanting to follow their passion should experience. L.J. took me through processes I was familiar with, but didn't really click until I heard them from her this time around. She helped me align what I wanted for the future with what I'm currently doing to reach my goals. She is definitely someone that I can get guidance and clarity from."
-Berenice M Ibarra

"L.J. is someone who is easy to speak to and gives very useful advice. She is very passionate about helping others, especially women. I highly recommend L.J."
-Imelda A., Owner of Perfect Skin Care

"L.J. is a loving, caring and compassionate individual who has helped me see the better side of me. LJ is a dedicated, hardworking woman, her passion for helping goes beyond the norm. This talented woman has taught me to love and enjoy life."
-Sonia H.-V.

Program Name: Personalized Life Coaching for Today's Modern Women
Coach Name: L.J. Jackson
Includes: 4 Coaching Sessions of 60 minutes

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