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Relationship Coaching Home Study Program


Finding and having a successful, loving, lasting relationship continues to be one of our most important and elusive goals. Most singles want a relationship, and most couples want their relationship to be more fulfilling.


Relationship Coaching Home Study Program

Relationship Coaching Home Study Program by RCI
Finding and having a successful, loving, lasting relationship continues to be one of our most important and elusive goals. Most singles want a relationship, and most couples want their relationship to be more fulfilling.

People want to be happy in their relationships, but don’t seem to know how.  Our Relationship Coaching Home Study Program will teach you to help singles and couples achieve their relationship goals from a coaching perspective. Personal or Life Coaching has evolved into a vigorous profession that is tremendously effective in helping functional individuals find personal fulfillment. Relationship Coaching applies the principles of coaching to relationships and utilizes coaching paradigms, strategies, and tools specific to the phases of finding and building a successful life partnership.

Want to become a relationship coach? This program is an outstanding introduction to the fulfilling profession of relationship coaching

In private practice? Relationship Coaching for singles and couples is a highly marketable way to boost your private pay clients. We can show you how!

Presented by:
David Steele, MA, LMFT
Founder of RCI

David Steele, Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute


In this home study program you discover how to:

  1. Apply a coaching approach to your clients relationship goals
  2. Clearly distinguish coaching from therapy
  3. Empower your client to be the expert on their life
  4. Use your client’s inner resources to guide them toward their goals and overcome obstacles
  5. Address self-sabotaging relationship beliefs and attitudes
  6. Use relationship coaching paradigms to prevent divorce and help singles make good life and relationship choices
  7. Transform singles confusion and fear about dating and relationships to clarity and empowerment
  8. Guide your clients to harvest practical lessons from their past relationships
  9. Help singles create a life they love independent of a relationship
  10. Identify and address 14 ways that singles set themselves up for failure
  11. Help singles align their dating and relationship choices with who they are,where they are in their life, and where they want to go
  12. Inspire your clients to be “The Chooser” in life and relationships
  13. Harness the power of commitment to help couples, even when they’re stuck
  14. Diffuse conflict, blaming and reactivity in relationships
  15. Give unhappy couples hope and inspiration in their darkest hours
  16. Help couples take responsibility for their relationship
  17. Show couples in one session a simple, but highly effective communication tool for resolving conflict
  18. Use the paradigm of “Fact vs. Attitude” to get couples working together effectively
  19. Awaken new and pre-marital couples to the how-to’s of making better long-term relationship choices
  20. Identify and address unsolvable problems in relationships

Here is what you get:

Relationship Coaching Home Study Program Manual PDF

Relationship Coaching Manual PDF

This 111-page manual is the same one used in our in-person workshops around the country. Jam-packed with our innovative and exclusive relationship coaching tools and concepts for helping your singles and couples that you will ONLY find at Relationship Coaching Institute.

Relationship Coaching Home Study Program Audio Program

MP3 Audio Programs:

Program #1: Overview

  • About coaching and relationship coaching
  • Comparing coaching and therapy

Program #2: About Relationship Coaching

  • Five Stages of Relationship Coaching
  • The Case for Relationship Coaching
  • Guidelines of Relationship Coaching

Program #3: Relationship Coaching for Singles

  • Key Concepts for Coaching Singles
  • Coaching Relationship Requirements
  • Ten Principles of Conscious Dating
  • Coaching Relationship Readiness
  • Three Types of Dating Relationships
  • Four Steps for Conscious Dating
  • Skills for Coaching Singles

Program #4: Relationship Coaching for Pre-Committed Couples

  • Overview of Relationship Coaching for Couples
  • What is Commitment?
  • Benefits of Committed Relationships
  • Fact vs. Attitude in Relationship Coaching
  • Coaching Relationship Attitudes
  • The “Coachable” Couple
  • Pre-Commitment Coaching
  • Addressing Unsolvable Relationship Problems
  • Skills for Coaching Pre-Committed Couples

Program #5: Relationship Coaching for Committed Couples

  • Coaching Couples for Functioning (Stage 4)
  • Coaching Couples for Fulfillment (Stage 5)
  • Skills for Coaching Committed Couples
  • Conclusion
  • Case Discussion Q & A
  • Strategies for Marketing Relationship Coaching

Bonus! Relationship Coaching Bootcamp

Bonus! Relationship Coaching Bootcamp

Solid 2.5 hour digital training covering more strategies for coaching singles and
couples and how to build a highly successful relationship coaching practice.



About David Steele:

David Steele
David Steele is a California-based Marriage & Family Therapist who fell in love with coaching and in 1997 founded Relationship Coaching Institute, the first and largest international relationship coach training organization. David is a pioneer in the field of relationship coaching for singles and couples, and author of the ground-breaking books "Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of your life and the Life That You Love," and "Radical Marriage: Your Relationship as Your Greatest Adventure." David is passionate about promoting the power of coaching to help singles find lasting love, and couples to live BEYOND happily ever after.

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