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Leadership and Communications skills – sales performance



I’m a sales performance coach and master motivator. Motivated individuals hire me to increase their productivity, perform at peak levels, and reach potential they didn’t imagine. I am also a presentation skills executive level coach and trainer. Clients immediately benefit by making impactful and successful sales presentations. In addition I coach mid-level managers and team leads how to more effectively lead with authority and create positive influence and maintain visibility without authority.

About: Mark Hofmaier

A career in the performing arts as an actor combined with a passion for personal development led me to my current path. Coaching as a profession is a natural segue. My journey as a performing artist gives me a distinct advantage: I know what sells, and how important energy, presentation, heightened awareness, and finely tuned intuition are to success. I received certification as a coach and Energy Leadership professional from iPEC.

Program Name: Leadership and Communications skills - sales performance
Coach Name: Mark Hofmaier
Includes: 12 Coaching Sessions of 45 minutes

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