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The Empowered Manager’s Coaching Program



When you want to improve the kind of results you are getting with your employees, we can change the "dance" you have been doing, that hasn't been working… here’s what we'll do instead.

  • If you are working harder than your employees on improving their performance… you’ll learn how to break the habit of just giving them the answer or telling them what to do (and repeating it), and guide them to their own answers and hold them accountable in an encouraging way. We'll also work on determining when enough is enough, and a different approach is needed.
  • When you have employees who expect you to make decisions that are really theirs, you'll learn to redirect their work back to them using coaching (not telling) skills and spark their own initiative and resourcefulness, many times without them realizing what just happened.
  • If, in general, you want to transform your interactions with your employees so you are not constantly answering questions, making decisions for them, repeating instructions or reminding them of responsibilities, we'll focus on how asking simple questions can make interactions more effortless, engaging and effective. With this program you will receive:
  • Two 45-minute coaching sessions per month for 3 months.
  • Direct email access and email priority: You may call or email me between sessions if you need advice, have a problem or can’t wait to share a win with me. I do not bill for this additional time, but I do ask that you keep the extra sessions to 5-10 minutes. When you leave a message, let me know if you want a session back or are just sharing.
  • Thirty minutes in a bank of scheduled, as needed time. Any time not used for interviews or shadowing as planned will be added to as-needed time bank.

Program Name: The Empowered Manager's Coaching Program
Coach Name: Mary Schaefer
Includes: 6 Coaching Sessions of 45 minutes

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