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The benefit of this package is the client catches herself when she is out of alignment with the source by connecting to the feeling she is experiencing and can switch it around by applying law of attraction processes and techniques or guided meditation, these are valuable tools that gradually shift the client's energy to positive polarity and changes their whole life and the way they see life and create positive aspects with emphasize to alignment with the source, inner being and inner wisdom.

About: Shirin Dalaki

Shirin Dalaki is the author of the book, "Love is the Answer" and certified law of attraction love coach, she has been helping clients to make a difference on daily basis and by applying law of attraction techniques and processes to create the life they desire in all areas of their lives, emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual to live a fulfilled life with joy, freedom, love and happiness.

Program Name: three month package
Coach Name: Shirin Dalaki
Includes: 12 Coaching Sessions of 60 minutes

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