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Transitions & Transformations: The Mindfulness Way



We change all the time, whether conscious or unconsciously. However, many not able to adapt REAL Change and therefore stuck in the same old pattern of belief system.

This program:

- Helps to quickly eliminate old pattern and behavior that keep you stuck.
- Understand the changes that we are experiencing in life and career.
- Understand the root cause that will always held us back and enable us not to repeat it again.
- Quickly develop strategy and plan to overcome it.
- Follow-up system that enable sharing challenges, progress and quick win to sustain the changes.

About: Desmond Sim

Ability in extending his "compassionate" mind-body-soul to his client, he is known to transform people’s life ferociously by penetrating deeply into the "heart" of the "real" problem. Desmond Sim was one of the pioneer Meta Coaches in South East Asia Region since 2005. Ever since then he has contributed many areas within the community. Desmond is the owner of Thriving & Actualizing Pte Ltd, a small company determined in helping Coaches & Experts area of Marketing via Thriving Academy Program. His work also being published as books that available in Amazon, 7 Negative Emotions That Prevent Your Success & Massive Business Profits with Rapid Online Strategy. Desmond has about 17 years of professional experiences in Fortune 500 companies and specifically 10 years in Oil & Gas industry particularly in Change Management , Leadership Development, Group Coaching, Facilitation areas. Among companies that he has work with would be Royal Dutch Shell, PETRONAS, BP, BASF, Exxon-Mobil, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, Yahoo, Fujitsu, IBM, HP, AIG, Western Digital & DELL Computers. His experiences also involved dealing with acquisition, merger & sourcing from various business activities on Change Management Implementation. In addition, Desmond is certified with various topics possessed ability to facilitate group coaching session in large organization for workshop, seminars & events. Programs Offered • Group Coaching Program & Leadership Development • Organizational Change Management • Thriving Academy ( Specialized in 7P's Marketing Training & Consultancy for Coaches & Experts) • Mindfulnesspreneur Coaching Academy (Specialized in Mastermind Actualizing Expert Entrepreneurs) Languages Services offered in: • English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Malay

Program Name: Transitions & Transformations: The Mindfulness Way
Coach Name: Desmond Sim
Includes: 6 Coaching Sessions of 90 minutes

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