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Uncover Your Natural Courage – with Carol Koziol



This Coaching Package includes 3 Natural Courage™ coaching sessions via Skype or phone.

Natural Courage is the instinct, talent, composure and will to:

• Do your work and live your life, rather than follow the path someone else has set for you.
• Regain your bearings in a world that draws you to follow its agenda.
• Realize the direction you choose for you is the right direction for you.

We all have Natural Courage!
Maybe it is hidden by the speed of your life or the influence of others, but it’s always there in your heart, waiting for you to reconnect to your natural spirit.

How Do I Find My Natural Courage?

• First recognize what you want/seek versus what the world pushes you to do.
• Next give yourself some time to breathe so your true path has an opportunity to show itself.
• Finally make conscious time for the transformation from the agenda you’ve been living to the one of your own choosing.

Now put your Natural Courage into motion to take the first small and then bigger and bigger steps toward the life of YOUR choosing.
The Natural Courage™ way creates clear vision, strong purpose, internal determination and heart-centered change.

About: Carol Koziol

Carol Koziol is a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation, an accredited Enneagram Practioner, and a certified EcoTherapist. She has worked with thousands of people and hundreds of companies over 30 years.

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