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Experiencing the value of coaching



About: Melissa Knight

Melissa Knight,, MA, BCC, PCC Melissa Knight holds an M.A. in Psychology and has extensive training in ADHD.In addition to coaching, Melissa is a trainer, author, adjunct college professor and speaker. . Some of her presentations include; The Importance of Supporting Students with Executive Functioning Deficits: The Creation of New Habits through Academic Coaching, Immediate Gratification is not soon enough: How to Coach the Student to become Their Own Search Engine, and Living Successfully with ADHD. Melissa supports her clients in shifting from feelings of frustration to feelings of success. Her coaching philosophy centers on creating balance and success through coaching the whole person. Currently, she serves as the Director of Academic Coaching at Lynn University and is an active member of ICF and ACO.

Program Name: Experiencing the value of coaching
Coach Name: Melissa Knight
Includes: 3 Coaching Sessions of 30 minutes

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