A one year experiment seeks to discover whether coaching can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. Four participants will be pushed to their limit as they seek to transform their lives with the help of an elite team of coaches.

The LEAP Movie has been nominated for 7 film festivals and won 4 awards so far, and will be released around mid 2018. Sign up below to receive updates where and when you can see the film.

Created with Passion and Purpose

Meet The Film Makers

Discover the World's Leading Coaches, Mentors and Experts

‘Leap’ Movie has been created by Patryk & Kasia Wezowski. They won two ‘Best Documentary’ awards with the previous film they worked on as coaches. That’s where they got the idea: “Why not make a whole film about coaching?”

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Patryk & Kasia Wezowski

Creators of the 'Leap' Movie

Mikki Willis


Executive Producers

Cherie Carter-Scott, Marc Steinberg & more

World Class Coaches

Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Thompson & more

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Witness coaching at its best with this unique collection of 12 in depth sessions from the Leap film. Peek behind the curtain and observe exactly how the finest coaches in the world guide their clients towards profound change and transformation.

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