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  • Our speakers and trainers are going to share their secrets with you in a beautiful villa on the coast of Los Angeles while we film portions of the Coaching Movie documentary.

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Recommit Yourself to Greatness

You can’t “wish your way” to being a world-class coach – you must learn from and rub shoulders with world-class coaches too, and this is a rare opportunity to do so.
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Strategies to Grow Your Coaching Business

Growing your coaching business requires knowledge and skill. With this online course, you’ll acquire both; learning from coaches who have already accomplished what you’d like to accomplish. Learn strategies that actually work to grow a coaching business to the highest levels possible. Become a better coach by applying the strategies that worked for the 'Leap' Experts.

Build a 7 Figure Coaching Business

If you are serious about being a prosperous coach, then this online course is mandatory! Rarely does such a group of high level coaches come together for your benefit. Learn directly from the speakers and apply their proven techniques to grow your own coaching business.

Modeling Success Creates Success

If you want success, then model what successful coaches do.

  • Coaching Tactics
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Mindset
  • Revenue Enhancement

All revealed in a way that you can learn from.

Create New High Level Relationships

What’s different at with this Online Course is that many of the MasterClass trainers and coaches are active in our Private MasterMind Group. This course gives you also FREE lifetime access to our MasterMind Group, an excellent opportunity to create working relationships that could lead to long-term breakthroughs.


Faculty of the 7 Figure MasterClass:

Chérie Carter-Scott

Marc Steinberg

Kelvin Lim

Noam Kostucki

Christy Whitman

Jane Cox

David Steele

Julie Starr

Janez Hudovernik

Carol Look

Thomas Gelmi

Sayeda Habib

Clinton Callahan

Carol Koziol

Donna Stoneham

Megan Stangl

Curro Avalos

Hisham Abdalla

Marla and Jami Keller

Ingolfur Thor Tomasson

Tara Antler

Michael Hall

Roberto Re

Michael Serva

You will also learn the secrets of these 'Leap' Experts:

Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith
John F. Demartini
Jack Canfield
Mark Thompson
John Gray
Kathlyn Hendricks and Gay Hendricks
Marci Shimoff



This Online Course Is For:

  • Coaches from all industries and niches who have a vision of a thriving business and are ready to step up their game and create that reality
  • Business Owners who want to mentor their team leaders and employees to the highest possible levels of success
  • Executives, Leaders, and Managers who want to continue rise to the top by embodying the “integrity leadership” ethics and skills
  • YOU if you consider yourself a winner and want to network and learn from leading coaches who have already accomplished what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Anyone who feels a calling to change the world and inspire others to change by becoming peers with the Master Level coaches and leaders
  • Authors, consultants, and speakers who have done some coaching and who now want to advance in the coaching industry

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