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Lie detection, Micro Expression, Body Language, Dating.



The coaching package meets the needs of the "business", "military" and "romance" worlds because we all need to know the truth weather we were in a sales meeting, in the investigation room or in a romantic date.. It's crucial that we accurately notice and send the right signals, build rapport and increase our likability and trustworthiness.

About: Jonathan Choufany

As a certified Micro Expression and Body Language coach, Jonathan has trained many leaders in the business and military world on how to project more power with less words, build better rapport and assess truthfulness and credibility using the powerful skills of non-verbal communications.. Jonathan is also a certified "BLAST® Deception Expert", a certified Instructor in deception detection and a company representative of "Whetstone Security Group(USA)" in Lebanon.. He also provides emotional transformation coaching using the "Emotional Management Method®" taught by Patryk and Kasia Wezowski in the "Center For Body Language".. He also teaches presentation power using the "Body Language code for success" for better interaction and public speaking.

Program Name: Lie detection, Micro Expression, Body Language, Dating.
Coach Name: Jonathan Choufany
Includes: 10 Coaching Sessions of 60 minutes

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