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Wake UP Happy! – with Tara Antler


Sessions are 75-90 minutes in length and include a recording of each session.

Tara Antler

Tara Antler is known as a Soul Coach, Intuitive Healer, Author,
International Speaker and Love-Ignitor. She has an incredible ability to ignite others, accessing their gifts and creating profound clarity as to the steps to walk that cultivate a happy life. Her vision is to Ignite and Empower millions around the world to connect to their expanded vision of a passion-filled, purpose-directed, soulful life! The overflow-effect is:
people feel happy, free, excited, connected and joyful in all areas of their life.

Tara has become known for her intuitively guided meditations that easily access the subconscious and positively re-pattern the mind for joy, love, success, possibility, freedom, creativity and harmony. She has successfully coached tens of thousands of clients one-on-one around the world and has had the opportunity of sharing her gifts and insights to millions of people – including 20 million in India, sharing her experience of meditation and mindfulness as a practice since the age of fourteen!


Let's begin an empowering journey of accelerated growth, exceptional living and days worth waking up to!
"WAKE UP HAPPY Coaching" helps you to create powerful shifts WITHIN first & develops a positive mindset - which in turn creates joyful direction in your life, completely elevates your experience and positively impacts how the external world shows up for you! Life becomes more flowing, joyful, fulfilling and enjoyable - know what it feels like to Wake UP Happy!

You get to choose the top 3 areas of life that are most important to YOU. What would you like to focus on?
- Relationship shifts, create harmonious & happy relationships or attract your dream partner
- Self care, self practice & self love
- Financial well-being & abundance mindset training
- Spiritual growth, higher self connection & intuitive development
- Life purpose, your path & the passionate work that you'd like to do in the world
- Conscious, heart-based business creation, direction & development

Because this particular type of work is a combination of all the modalities I have learned, studied and practiced over 20 + years....there really is no such thing as a "typical session" and each session may look and feel very different from the one before. It's a very intuitive process, with grounded tools and steps to help actualize what you're working on and through. Expect wonderful, grounded, profound transformations to occur!

3 Sessions - $1100
Sessions are 75-90 minutes in length and include a recording of each session.
Plus, receive powerful, positive mind-re-patterning audios for AM & PM and intuitively guided meditations to help you Wake Up Happy!

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