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Be a Guest on the Coaching Movie Podcast

By September 11, 2014posthidden

We'll be soon starting the Coaching Movie podcast!

The Power of Coaching podcast in support of the Coaching movie focuses on increasing awareness of the strength of coaching to plan and implement specific, meaningful changes in both your personal and professional life.

  • Are you an amazing coach?
  • Do you transform lives?
  • Does what you share need to be heard?

If you answered yes, we invite you to apply to be part of our upcoming podcasts in support of the new Coaching movie featuring notable coaches such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Jack Canfield.

The Mission of The Power of Coaching Podcast

The Power of Coaching, a show where the thoughts leaders of coaching and life improvement from around the globe share their top strategies for achieving your personal and professional ambitions. Whether it is coping with a challenge or achieving a goal, The Power of Coaching helps transform your plans into purposeful action.

The Power of Coaching podcast will show you how to:

  • Stay solution focused
  • Develop an objective and value its significance
  • Create an action plan that is realistic and transformative
  • Build and maintain the dedication to achieving your objectives
  • Identify and overcome obstacles
  • Acknowledge and celebrate your success with each step you taken

Be a Guest on our Podcast:

We are actively searching for two things to be done by the same person during the show:

#1: Amazing coaches willing to share via audio interview immediately useful information, tips, techniques etc that listeners will leave with the "Wow, I didn't know that about coaching!" feeling. (Our team of interviewers will interview by phone/skype you so no need to sweat the techy stuff....)

#2: A coaching session 'sample.' This segment of the podcast has excerpts from a live coaching session, where you will coach your own hand-selected client on a pre-determined 'challenge' that relates to the topic of the interview. (Clients can remain anonymous.) We’ll then shorten the coaching session to about 10 minutes, taking out the most interesting parts from the beginning, middle and end to show listeners the true benefits of coaching.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your coaching to thousands of people - worldwide.

The podcast will be heavily promoted on social media, broadcasted to our coaching community, on the Coaching movie blog and on iTunes and other distribution channels we are currently reviewing.

Come play with us - are you in? Want to be part of it?

Just complete the form below and tell us about what you do and why:

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I'd like to be interviewed only. I'm not able to coach a client during the program.I'd like to be interviewed and I'll coach live on the program. I'll ask one of my clients be coached by me during the show.

Tell us more about your current community/followers and the 'reach' you can share the word with about your appearance on The Power of Coaching podcast (approximate number):*

Tell us more about you, your work and your motivation to be part of this podcast:*

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