Dear friends,

I hope this post finds you very well, relaxed and bright-eyed bushy-tailed creating in this eternal Here and Now the life your heart want so live.

Often there is a bit confusion when to attend and use THOUGHT and when not.
Looking at one's thought movement one can differentiate the THOUGHT QUALITY by identifying whether the THOUGHT is reactive or creative; creative thoughts are always born from a commitment/promise while reactive thoughts are triggered by our programs/identity.

Besides creative thoughts/thinking you can best live without minding any other thoughts. One doesn't need thought to experience the world; on the contrary, experiencing through thought is living in the STORY about life…it’s like sitting in the best restaurant of the world and eating the menu not the meal!

Reactive thoughts (probably 95%+ of all thoughts a human being generates) are nothing but uncontrollable memory eruptions. Paying attention to them gives them life energy and sends continuously a message to your brain that they are important for your survival (otherwise why mind them?); this message however is fatal because your existential survival instinct now goes into protection of these thoughts; meaning the instinct holds on to them and they can't just disappear again. Then we face "mindfuck".

Learning to not paying attention to reactive thoughts & emotions is the 'YOGA' of Creative Consciousness. BTW: resisting is a negative way of paying attention; NOT MINDING is what one needs to practice. ("Never MIND" or "don't MIND" are great expressions in the English language)

Our culture and life style doesn't contain this practice; therefore it only comes and lives by commitment and yes: discipline. DISCIPLINE has attached a pretty bad taste nowadays, but look, the word derives from DISCIPLE...which means being dedicated to something.

Here's my invitation to you: commit to the discipline of NOT MINDING any thoughts and emotions that are not creative. This creates and establishes THE GAP between YOU and not-you; YOU are not your mind.

YOU are not your mind.

YOU are not your mind.

YOU are not your mind.

......keep going ;-))
with love, Marc Steinberg