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3 secrets for an awesome product launch

By January 9, 2016posthidden

First one is about the timing. The timing should be right, you need to create a momentum. How you can create a momentum. First of all, you need to make sure that your product launch date is not before a very important -holidays or celebrations or there's nothing really important happening in the politics that could be more important than your product launch.

Second of all, about timing is that you need to make sure that everything is ready on this date. So you need to make sure that all your manufacturers, all people that's supposed to support you - that supposed to post the information in social media. By emails, that they are ready and they are waiting for this date.

Second important thing about your product launch is that you have the right support. You should test people and partners before you do the product launch. Sometimes happen for example that somebody has a big mailing list. Somebody claims that that they have 10 000, 100 000 contacts on their mailing list. And you are very excited that they will send the information, and everybody will come to your website. But maybe this is not true. Maybe they have a big mailing list, but for some reason, they don't have enough response. Maybe there will be only 5 people who would come to your website after the information is sent?

So test your partners. You can do with them some initial campaign before the product launch. Something that you could check how many clicks, how many people are responding? And to make sure that you have enough partners to generate a big crowd of people interested in your product. It shouldn't be the situation that you spend a lot of money on creating a product, and then there's nobody there in the room. You rent a big space, a big stage for 100, 200 people and there's only 10 people sitting there. So make sure that you have the right support, the right people - and those people have enough big database to bring you people to the room. To make this product be really visible, and to create many clicks.

And the third element, the third strategy is about how you inform your audience, how you direct them to the product itself. It should be visible. The information, the link, the click button. Whatever it is, to buy a product, it should be there. And it's very easy. So a 3 years old child can do it. A 3 year old child can click the button, can put the money in, can pay for it very easily in one minute. Even in 30 seconds. So it's very easy to buy, it's very easy to make this action for your clients, and they're not frustrated. So you keep the excitement and then (10:42?), the strategy very easy. And then your product launch should be successful.