By Marc Steinberg MCC, CC®MC

The fundamental driver for most people seeking coaching lies in the desire to feel more alive; whether they ask for coaching regarding their relationship, their work or their self. Think about your own aspirations, why would you want to be more effective? Why would you want the passion back in your relationship? Why would you want to be on top of your negative self-talk? And so on and so forth. At the bottom you’ll find: because with the expected change you associate feeling more alive, don’t you?

A high level of aliveness makes you experience lightness, happiness, abundance, confidence, satisfaction, gratitude and much more.


Most of us live our lives at maybe 60-70% of their aliveness-potential. You can check this for yourself when you compare your every-day default aliveness mode with THOSE MOMENTS like a skydive or standing on a mountain top or when you lose yourself in the arms of your lover, etc…when you feel LIFE rushing through your veins and cells; it feels like you are drunken with life!

The good news is that this aliveness is not somewhere or in something; it is in you, it is YOU! The things I mentioned above are just triggers, crutches.


Imagine you could find the access to your vast sea of aliveness within yourself?


As the weather is something entirely different from the weather report, and as the meal is something very different from the menu so it is with you; there is the You that lives in the story (weather report) and then there is the You that lives as the weather, the real deal!


Most of the time in default living mode we live as a weather report. What we are chewing on is the menu, not the meal. We experience the description of our partner and not so much experience anymore their “Isness”, their being. And that accounts also for the house we live in, the work we do, the way we experience ourselves etc.

2500 years ago in China when you wanted to study arts with a real master and your first practice would have been drawing a tree, you weren’t allowed to pick up the pencil until you have been sitting silently for three days in front of the tree! Until you drop your concept about the tree and experience the presence of the tree, the tree’s life force.


In Consciousness Coaching® we distinguish the menu from the meal, the description from the described, the story from the Isness. Children still have that distinction; that’s why they live in wonder and awe. You can practice yourself by spending a bit more time with things and asking yourself “what IS this?” looking for an experience and not the description. It’s easier with living things, so start with humans and animals, then flowers and plants and then stones, earth and ultimately the whole universe.

Look at the stars resting in the question “What IS this?” and notice the smile that returns to your soul.


Marc Steinberg is an accredited ICF MCC (Master certified coach), featured in LEAP. Founder, MCC and Master Trainer of the Consciousness Coaching® Academy, Marc Steinberg has been empowering and inspiring people on their way to personal growth, spiritual fulfilment and worldly success for more than two decades. Find out more at www.marcsteinberg.com