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Put your creative cap on and join our online MasterMind on Monday, November 3rd: http://coachingmovie.com/mastermind-webinar

Since we haven't stumbled upon the ideal idea for the trailer yet, we've extended the contest until after the MasterMind. If you have suggestions already now, feel free to share them at the bottom of this page in the comments.
The best suggestion in the comments below OR made during the MasterMind sessions wins!


We are looking for 3 persons to be part of the trailer, who match all criteria of the following profile:
- Native English (preferably USA accent)
- Willing to be coached by a world-class coach
- Is in a critical moment of their life and has a large challenge (can be related to business, love, money or anything else that is easy to relate to for viewers.)
For example:
* single man/woman burned by past relationships and afraid to date again,
* or a small business owner who is passionate about their product or service but struggling to generate sales,
* or an executive worried about giving a presentation for a large audience end November.
- The type of challenge (or emotions around it) must have the potential to be surpassed or improved within a week
- Has a very high motivation to overcome the challenge
- An emotional person (with the chance of tears when speaking about their challenge to the coach)
- Able to attend the filming location in Los Angeles on a day between November 19-22 (alternative: Netherlands/Belgium on Nov 14, 20, 21, 27 or 28)
- Has the time to implement the action steps from the coaching session in the week after the coaching session
- Must have been filmed before and be comfortable in front of camera (not freeze or act differently when a camera is around)
- Ideal would be if the person can send us a video of them through http://coachingmovie.com/apply (can be a simple youtube video of them speaking about their challenge in front of a webcam)

Feel free to send the above profile requirements around to people you know.
The chosen participants will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and be part of the trailer of a historic film!
Persons who match the profile are welcome to submit their details and story on: http://coachingmovie.com/apply

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“Coaching” is YOUR movie, and we’d like to introduce an innovative way of writing the script for the first trailer: “Crowd Scripting.
Below is a draft of a trailer script we had in mind. But we’re open to new ideas! Write us your version of the script. It could a slight adaptation, or it could be a totally new script.

To make this style of movie interesting for theaters and audiences, it should contain comedy, drama, and action. And so should the first trailer. Technically, this first trailer is actually called a ‘teaser’.
The main aim of this teaser is to make audiences look forward to the film. It should contain a “jaw-dropping coaching case study” that makes viewers want to see more.

Whoever writes the best teaser, sends in the best idea, or creates the best-adapted version wins the contest and a role as an extra in the teaser (probably to be recorded in New York and/or Netherlands, dates currently unknown, travel costs not covered). If you win and won’t be able to travel to the recording, we’ll be sure to find another prize to compensate you.

The teaser script below is just a teaser. It’s not the official trailer yet. The aim is to make viewers curious and look forward to the film, that’s all. Don’t make any assumptions about the content of the film based on first draft of the possible teaser. Just enjoy co-writing the teaser with us.

So let’s “Crowd Script” the teaser together!
This writing contest closes on Friday, October 24th Wednesday, November 5th.

Whoever writes the best teaser, wins a role as an extra in the teaser!

You will spend the day on set and be placed in a scene as close to the camera as possible.

Write your comments, ideas, or suggestions at the bottom!

Enjoy working on the script with us:

  • An auditorium full of people. A few shots of a Coaching CLIENT who gets very nervous behind the scene. Sound of fast heartbeat and respiration problems. Shaky camera close-up of CLIENT who cannot breathe.
  • Voice-over of Coaching CLIENT during previous listed camera shots: “I started to sweat, tremble, and suddenly everything became black.” Fade to black screen.
  • Close-up of Coaching CLIENT, sad face: “Since I was a child, I’ve always been afraid of speaking in front of groups.”
  • Coaching Expert 1: “Coaching helps people to reach their goals faster.”
  • Father of CLIENT: “Jason is so afraid of public speaking, that the first and only time he tried, he fainted before reaching the stage.”
  • Coaching Expert 2: “Choosing the right coach is very important. There are a lot of people who call themselves coaches without proper training.”
  • Producer: “The mission of this film is to inspire 1 million people to transform their lives.”
  • Close-up of COACH during coaching session with CLIENT. Make the relationship and situation clear with camera shots: “Your beliefs are holding you back, and the aim of this session is to change that…”
  • Coaching Expert 3: “Finding a good coach is not easy, because everybody can start calling themselves a coach after a quick course.”
  • CEO of a company: “Every manager in our company has a monthly meeting with a professional coach to become better at what they do.”
  • CLIENT, in tears: “When I just see myself standing there (cut to close-up of footsteps walking up the stairs of a stage), I just can’t breathe. I’d rather die.”
  • CEO of company, mixed with shots of people walking into office: “Since we introduced coaching, our leaders have became more charismatic and our revenue has grown by 20%.”
  • Doctor of CLIENT sitting next to him: “Jason has a weak heart, so if he forces himself (cut to large audience and a person on stage), he might have a heart attack on stage.” Close-up of worried face of CLIENT in doctors’ office.
  • Fast sequence of black and white, forward-flash of ambulance, doctors, lights on hospital ceiling, close-up of resuscitation with defibrillator (representing imagination of CLIENT).
  • CLIENT, close-up, very fearful face or during panic attack, CLIENT screams: “There is no way I will do this.”
  • Brief camera shot behind shoulders of CLIENT on stage, looking at public, strong stage lights shining into camera (sound of stage lights powering on).
  • Screen becomes WHITE, boom sound.
  • Fade to BLACK SCREEN with fast and strong pounding heartbeat sound.
  • Text on screen: “Find out what happened to Jason: www.CoachingMovie.com”

What are your thoughts? Feel free to rewrite the script completely or send in a totally new version of a story for the teaser.