Broadcast an exclusive online event on your website

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You can broadcast an exclusive live event on February 25th... on your own website!

Imagine hosting on your website a live Hangout with world-class coaches like:
- Mark Thompson (Coach of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs)
- David Peterson (Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google)
- Denis Cauvier (CEO of Neurs)

You can invite also your friends and connections, to attend this unique live event on your website.

It's very simple and takes 2 minutes! Visitors of your website will be able to see the live event on February 25th and afterwards the replay.

Just copy-paste this code TODAY on your homepage or on any of your website pages:

If needed, here is a 1 minute video with instructions how to embed the event on your own website:

Need help? Write to support(at)coachingmovie.com and our support will do it for you!

Send us your webpage with the embedded hangout, and we'll share your website. Yes, we'll send visitors to you!

This is how the hangout, hosted by Alex Mandossian and Patryk & Kasia Wezowski, will look on your website until we start on February 25th:

For everybody attending the event, there is a surprise gift:http://coachingmovie.com/joinhangout
Let the world's top coaches come to your website and let's inspire together!

Post your webpage with the embedded Hangout below: