Is Your Wealth Consciousness Keeping You Poor?

By May 26, 2015 Uncategorized

Do you know why you are making the money that you are making? Have you every stopped to think about why money seemed to flow easily into your life, or worse, why it doesn’t? Is getting the money you need always a struggle? You can thank your Wealth Consciousness for that.


What is Wealth Consciousness?  Simply put, your Wealth Consciousness is your relationship with money. It is your internal value system surrounding money. Your life is a direct manifestation of your internal value system, or the true value (that you hold dear to your heart) that you assign to everything. The section of your internal value system that manifests money into your reality, is known as your Wealth Consciousness.  It is the true value that your heart puts on money. You see money represents an aspect of your internal value system; the aspect that pertains to Wealth. A wealthy person puts more value on the aspect that pertains to money than the non-wealthy person.


Let’s think about this. What true value do you hold true to your heart of money? Well, the easiest way to answer this question is to look at the money in your life. If it is abundant and flowing, easily entering into your life on a continuous basis, then you are holding a very high value of money true to your heart, therefore you have a high Wealth Consciousness. However, is money is scarce, you are living paycheck to paycheck, constantly worried over whether your bills will get paid, then you hold a very low value of money true to your heart, therefore you have a low Wealth Consciousness.  Your Wealth Consciousness is the only key to unleash your financial independence and allow you to live your dream life now.


Whatever value you give your Wealth Consciousness is going to determine the vibration that you are transmitting into the Universe. The Law of Attraction is going to pick up on this vibration, and by Law, respond by attracting more of the same vibration, physically manifesting in your life as your current money situation. If you have a high vibration, the Law of Attraction will respond in your favor. If your vibration surrounding money is low, the Law of Attraction is going to respond with more low situations, and money will always be a struggle.


To live Wealthy and improve your money situation, you have to raise your Wealth Consciousness, therefore raising your Vibrational Level.  Your financial future, the success of your business, wealth-acquiring ventures, and your current flow of money, is dependent upon the Vibrational Level of your Wealth Consciousness.


So what can you do to improve your Wealth Consciousness? First, let’s understand how we arrived at the WC Level that you are at now. You see, your wealth consciousness is built and developed by the impressing of wealthy (or non-wealthy) thoughts, words, and imaginary or real actions upon your subconscious mind. Most often, this is developed when you are a young child by the environment you grew up in.  As children, our subconscious mind is wide open and studies have shown us that our subconscious mind does not have the ability to reject information. So whatever was fed into our thoughts as a child, we had to accept them as truth. Think about what your surroundings were like. Did your family have a positive view on money? Or were you told that you could not afford things? Money didn’t grow on trees? You have to work hard to earn money? Did you feel bad asking for money? Most of us grow up with some sort of distorted, “lack” filled brain washing of money as the starting basis of our Wealth Consciousness.


The first step to improving your Wealth Consciousness is understanding what level you are currently vibrating at so that you can change this. Then, once you understand where you are, we can make an action plan to get you where you want to be. By improving your Wealth Consciousness, you raise your vibration, and the Universe will immediately respond and things will start to change in your favor. Money will start to manifest around you.


One way to get this going now, is by repetition of thought and gratitude. Be grateful for the money in your life now, and repeat a money affirmation as often as possible. One of our favorites: I am so grateful and blessed now for receiving money in increasing amounts on a continuous basis.



To find out where you stand on the Wealth Consciousness Scale, please visit http://wealthconsciousnessuniversity.com/scale