A mosquito is an insect that irritates, aggravates, can cause distraction, preoccupation, and even itchiness. If you are coaching a client with a mosquito in the room, it will challenge your ability to be fully present.

When I mention "Mosquito Management," I am referring to a different type of mosquito. It is a task that must be done, but the thought of diving into it generates the reaction, "I don't want to!" In addition, Mosquito tasks entail forms to fill out, files to upload (that are non-compliant), and extraneous entanglements that drain rather than boost the energy flow. Mosquito tasks also have the tendency to multiply the tasks that must be accomplished, people who need to be copied,  printing, signatures, scans, repetition of the same tasks, sitting on hold indefinitely, pushing the wrong button, suffering the consequences of one unconscious moment...and on top of it all, the return on investment pales in comparison to the miscellaneous and random efforts expended.

Managing Mosquitos is one facet of coaching. Clients show up with objectives like: work/life balance, dealing with multiple projects that all share the same urgency, working for multiple bosses in various timezones, or simply managing the time gobblers from consuming all productivity. In almost every situation listed, there is some aspect of Mosquito Management. Irritation, aggravation, distraction, and preoccupation rob the client of their joy factor; they make them conflicted, torn between what they must do and what they want to do. At times the client becomes perplexed: should or want, responsibility or desire, pressure to execute or creatively formulate solutions.

In coaching we help our clients manage themselves...and their mosquitos. We help them choose, prioritize, strategize, and even reward themselves when they flatten the mosquitos. What dominates when caught between the gears of life? Is it motivation? Is it responsibility? Or is it a blend of the two? In actuality it means weaving together preference along with pressure. It comes down to managing one's motivation so that everything gets done, even the mosquitos are managed, however, they aren't allowed to rob the joy of daily living. This requires a bit of panache, but that is what the coach brings to the relationship. Envision the ideal outcome! What will it take? What is in the way? What can YOU do?

There will always be mosquitos in life, the key to managing them is in your attitude. Tackling one mosquito a day keeps the negativity away! Use your coach to maintain your joy and don't let the mosquitos get you down!