January 04, 2016, Los Angeles.
The makers of the 'Coaching' Movie, produced by a team in Los Angeles, are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the movie's trailer. The trailer will be available to the general public on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. People are asked to support the launch campaign by sharing it through their social media channels before this launch date. A trailer preview is currently available through the official website.

"We're so excited about the launch and we need the help now of people who believe in transforming lives," says Patryk Wezowski, Creator of the 'Coaching' Movie. "The point of this movie is a movement which will inspire 1,000,000 lives around the world. We've created a Head Talker campaign which will allow you to share a short message with your social media followers the second the new trailer and name are released."

On January 20, the final name of the 'Coaching' Movie will also be released. The company believes that they have found the perfect name for it and that people will love it. Additionally, the trailer has been designed to properly introduce people to the full story and they feel it will leave them wanting to see the entire film. As a movie about personal change, they encourage interested people to already start being part of the change through a social media campaign.

The mission of the movie is to inspire 1,000,000 people to transform their own lives for the better through coaching. They want to make sure people know that they can be the change they want to see in the world. The buzz around the upcoming movie has been electrifying, and many people have already shared the upcoming trailer information with various hashtags and comments on why they believe it to be so important.

“Coaching has become a huge part of humanities quest for meaning and purpose, and is a multi-million dollar industry," says Betsy Chasse, Director of the 'Coaching' Movie. "It has been an exciting adventure to explore the process of transformation in the lives of our five clients and to learn about what coaching is and what it isn’t, what works and how we can all benefit from working with a coach."

The movie creators encourage everyone to like the TFacebook of the 'Coaching' Movie page. This will enable them to share the inspiration more rapidly. Additionally, those who like the page are the first to be informed of launch dates and other new developments.

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