Spaghetti of the Mind as a Metaphor in Coaching

By April 7, 2016 April 12th, 2016 Uncategorized


I’m Cherie Carter Scott and I'm the mother of coaching and I've been coaching people professionally since 1974. I am honored to be featured in LEAP!

It's important from the beginning of our work with a client to set up a clear focus for the session, which isn't always easy when dealing with people and their lives. Life isn't always neatly organized, if often looks like a bowl of spaghetti.

When we sit down with a client, they very often they have a lot to say about their situation and sometimes it can be just slightly overwhelming, most clients have alot they want to talk about, sort of like a bowl of spaghetti has lots of strands all tangled together. Now we don't say that to the client but we invite the downloaded information that they want to tell us and as they're downloading the information it may come out all mangled together, interwoven and confused. Our job as a coach is to untangled it, lay out the individual strands... okay so here's work and then this is finances... and then over here we have relationship... and then here we have where you want to live. They all seem interrelated to the person that were coaching, but as a coach what's important is that we can lay each strand out before them like the strands of spaghetti and then give them a choice as to what strand they want to focus on in this session. That's called partnering with the client.  "Would you prefer to focus on your work, or finances, or your relationship, or your home... any one of them is fine, we just can't focus on all of them."  That's where you let the client make the choice always and you proceed with one objective per session.