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Apply to be a coaching client in the Coaching Movie:

The ‘Coaching’ Movie will feature different coaching types, and for each of the types we are looking for a different client.

Are you a fit for one of the profiles we are looking for?
Or maybe you know somebody who is a fit?
Feel free to share this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Each of the clients will be coached by a world-class coach. They will receive up to full year of coaching by 5 to 8 top coaches. Each client receives a gift with a total value of $100,000-$300,000 of free coaching!

We are looking for coaching clients who fit ALL of the following criteria:

  • Native English speaking skills (preferably USA accent)
  • Willing to be coached by a world-class coach. They will receive up to full year of coaching by 5 to 8 top coaches (with a total value of $100,000-$300,000 for free)
  • Open to have their whole life, emotions and history inspire millions of people.
  • Willing to spend about 10-20 days being coached in Los Angeles between mid September - mid October
  • Are willing and able to allow a small film crew to follow them in their daily life.
  • Willing to implement the lessons from coaching in their life.
  • Living up to 2 hours drive from Los Angeles (or willing to move there for the time of the filming), so we can film them easily before and after the coaching
  • The type of challenge (or emotions around it) must have the potential to be surpassed or improved within a few months
  • Has a very high motivation to overcome the challenge
  • A sensitive person who is emotionally expressive on camera and be willing to share personal stories and information about their life and struggles.
  • Preferably new to coaching, somebody who will be amazed by the process of being coached (not somebody who is a veteran in being coached)
  • Be ‘coachable’: willing to get a new perspective, open feedback and open to do something completely different than they did until now to overcome their challenge
  • Must be comfortable in front of camera (not freeze or act differently when a camera is around)
  • Must send us a video of them through (can be a simple Youtube video of them speaking about their challenge in front of a webcam)

Next to ALL of the above, here are the specific requirements for each type of coaching:

1. Executive Coaching

A person working in corporation, between age 35 - 60, preferably a CEO or director who has a big challenge in front of them. Somebody who has to deal with a situation of radical change in their professional life.


  • Big changes in the company such as firing a large part of the staff or change of owner
  • The person did something wrong and needs to rebuild trust in front of his clients/colleagues/employees
  • There was big psychological challenge for the company:
    big lose of money, sexual harassment of employees, etc. And this person needs to take the leading role to solve it and calm down the team so that they can be motivated to work again.

2. Business Coaching

If an Executive Coaching client is a man, here we should have a woman for business coaching, or the opposite.

We are looking for somebody between 28 – 55 years old, who has a great idea for setting up a business or in early stages of business development for a proven concept. Should be an interesting personality with a lot of passion and drive to create something, in need of attracting financing for investors to grow their business.
It’s good when the person has a difficult background story that makes their success a bigger challenge (for example: Unable to go to college, divorced and starting over, comes from a low income family.)


  • Business type can be unconventional: carpet factory, raw chocolate bars, zoo, ecological dogs clothes, portable feng shui advisor, virtual game generator for parents, whatever is the passion of this person.

3. Relationship Coaching

A man or women, age 35-45. Can be also a couple who love each other, but have a conflictive relationship.
Or a person who has a difficulty to create or find a successful relationship.
Important is that the challenge is solvable and there is a chance that the couple ends up being together.


  • Somebody who had some difficult experiences in relationships in the past:, is divorced 3 times, had some bad experience with dating and is still a single, etc.
  • Maybe we can add some challenge: has 3 small kids, has a child with a disability, has some unusual job, etc

4. Life Coaching
If Relationship Coaching client was a woman, this one is a man. Or the opposite. Age 25- 45.
Person who is seeking a change in their life.


  • Some unusual story of a big change in life: had an accident and lost his job/leg/is in some way disabled now, or lost a family member (partner, child), lost home in a natural disaster
  • Somebody from a shelter, refugee camp,...
  • Some touching story of recovery

5. Sports coaching
We have already a person for this type of coaching.

Application form:

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    Which of the profiles are a fit for you?

    Executive Coaching clientBusiness Coaching clientRelationship Coaching clientLife Coaching client

    Which challenge would you like to overcome? In which situations does it appear and how does it bother you?

    How strong do you experience this challenge in daily life? (Write a number between 1 to 10)
    1- Almost no challenge | 10 - Very strong challenge

    How motivated are you to overcome this challenge? (Write a number between 1 to 10)
    1- I actually can kind of live on without overcoming this challenge | 10 - I must overcome this challenge at all cost

    Why would you like to participate as a coaching client and be part of the road trip to visit various coaches?
    Tell us more about your motivation:

    Post below a youtube link or a video download link where you explain your challenge and motivation: