Report from Day 1 on the Film Set

Just over one year ago a group of Coaches got together and decided to make a movie that would inspire 1,000,000 lives around the world.
We set goals. We got coached. We took action, and today that dream has become reality.

I'm proud to announce that filming for the 'Coaching' Movie has officially begun! Above you can see a video from our film set in LA where you'll meet the man who is ranked the number 1 Executive Coach in the world.

Now that the 'Coaching' Movie is well and truly underway we need to you get involved more than ever before.

Here are some ways you can become part of the 'Coaching' Movie movement to inspire others, grow your business and network with the best coaches in the world:

1: Become a local Coaching Movie Group leader. Lead a local networking group with the full support and help of the 'Coaching' Movie. We're having a brainstorming call this weekend with potential leaders. Sign up here if you're interested:

2: Watch 'Coaching Live' - broadcast directly from our LA filmset and free for you to watch online. Next episode will feature Marshall Goldsmith who will share his tips for how to grow your Coaching business. Join here:

3: If you're an experienced Coach looking for more clients, we can help. Submit your profile and we'll feature you in our online Members store and refer clients to you. Here are the details:

4: Think you have what it takes to be interviewed on Coaching Live? Apply here:

5: Want to meet the coaches who are featured in the film personally? Join our MasterClass on the film set:

Thank you, for being part of this and helping to make this dream into a reality. The 'Coaching' Movie is about all of us Coaches and all of our clients, and the things that we can help each other to achieve. We're so proud that you're a part of this, and that things have really started happening.

Ok - now it's back to the filmset - talk soon! 
Patryk & Kasia Wezowski

PS: Want a guided tour of the huge LA film set? Make sure you join us for the next episode of Coaching Live and we'll also introduce you to one of the lucky clients who will feature in the film.